Penis Enlargement Exercise FAQs

faq penis extenderWe know when you are thinking about a penis enlargement routine, you have lots of questions. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common. However, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our Beginner’s Forum is a great place to post any questions you may have.

What does “PE” stand for?

How do penis enlargement exercises work?

Are penis enlargement exercises safe?

Do you have to buy expensive penis enlargement equipment?

How big can I get with penis enlargement exercises?


 What does “PE” stand for? PE is an abbreviation that can stand for three things —  penis enlargement, penis exercises, or premature ejaculation. Because of these three possibilities, it’s important to pay attention to the context of the content where you see the abbreviation. We, at PEGym, try to be specific, by using the terms “penis enlargement,”  “penis exercises” or “premature ejaculation” in our blog posts. However, in the forum you’ll likely see the abbreviation more often than not.

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How do penis enlargement exercises work? Penis enlargement exercises work on the same premise as building new muscle tissue when you exercise other parts of your body. By exercising the penile tissues, you create microtears in the cells, which, as the body repairs these tears, facilitates new cellular growth.

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Are penis enlargement exercises safe? Yes! Penis enlargement exercises are safe. However, as with any exercise program, it’s important to start slowly and pay close attention to the physiological indicators (the signs) of your body. If you have any health concerns, speak to a medical professional prior to undertaking a penis enlargement routine.

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Do you have to buy expensive penis enlargement equipment? No, you don’t have to buy penis enlargement equipment to be successful in reaching your goals. Of course, penis enlargement devices can help you reach your goals easier and faster. Penis pumps, like the Bathmate, can be used in the shower or bath, allowing you to multi-task – get your exercise in while you bathe. Penis extenders, like the Phallosan Forte, can be worn for long periods of time, under your clothing, allowing you to get your exercise in while you go about other activities during your day.

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How big can I get with penis enlargement exercises? How big you get depends on several factors, including: your dedication to your routine and your unique genetic ability to change. A one-inch increase in length and just over a half-inch increase in girth is fairly common. Some members have reported significantly more. Check out the Success Forum for individual reports from our members.

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