The Importance of Recovery in Your Penis Exercise Routine

recovery after penis exercises

recovery after penis exercisesRecovery is one of the most important components of your penis enlargement program. However, despite this fact, recovery is one of the least  planned parts of the program. If you want to make the most of your training, you won’t ignore recovery.

When many men hear “recovery” they immediately think — Rest days. Easy! However, rest and recovery are two different things. Rest, in general, is any time you spend not training – whether it be when you’re asleep or awake.

However, recovery are the proactive things you do to help maximize your body’s repair. As with any exercise program, this isn’t just the tissue recovery, but also your hormonal recovery and mental recovery as well. Recovery is what will help you minimize the chances of injury and get the most benefits from your next day of exercise.

  •  Sleep – Now, you might think “Sleep is rest, not recovery!” Well, it depends on how you do it. If you purposely are making sleep decisions to maximize your recovery, then that’s recovery! How to do that?
    • First, get the right quantity of sleep – between seven and ten hours a night.
    • Second, get to bed BEFORE midnight. Studies have shown that the time sleeping before midnight improves hormonal balance and tissue recovery more than the hours after midnight.
    • Third, turn off the lights and the TV, to get the most rest possible.
    • Lastly, open a window and keep your room cool. Cooler temperatures and fresh air have been proven to improve your quality of sleep.
  • Hydrate – Drink plenty of water to not only facilitate cellular recovery, but also to improve your energy levels and lower the stress on your heart. Stick to just water. No need for sports drinks and water flavorings can actually strain your system, as your body tries to process these unnatural additives. If you just can’t do straight water – try a little lemon or lime.
  • Eat Right – Getting a healthy, balanced diet is important you’re entire life, but very important as your body has the extra stress of recovering from your penis exercises and the new cellular growth needed for that repair. High protein, low fat, low salt, and as unprocessed as possible are all good rules of thumb, to help you eat healthier.
  • Cool Down – Don’t forget your cool down! I know we’re all pressed for time nowadays, but you’ll save more time by maximizing your workouts, plus you’ll help prevent injury.



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