How to Get a Harder Penis: Secrets to Rock-Hard Erections

,harder penisharder penis articleSecond only to wanting a larger penis, many men want to have a harder penis. Who doesn’t want to have a rock-hard erection, which not only feels great but really satisfies your lover? No matter the size, a hard penis is a good penis!

Scroll down to learn more about penis hardness. What is erection quality? How is a harder penis related to masculinity? What exercises can I do to get a harder penis? What should I eat for really rock-hard erections? And much more!

Written by Kimberly Wylie


harder penisYou don’t have to have erectile dysfunction to want to have a harder penis. Erection quality is a concern for many men, especially as we grow older. No matter how large your penis is, without maximum penile hardness, your penis isn’t being used as effectively as possible.

Again, this isn’t necessarily erectile dysfunction,
but rather an erection that simply isn’t as hard as it could be
— or perhaps as hard as it used to be.


Erection quality is the subjective opinion of how hard your erection is. As we discuss in The Penis: The Definitive Guide to Man’s Most Prized Organ, your erection is a hydraulic function, where the penis fills with blood, expanding the tissues and making the penis hard. However, this penis hardness can vary significantly. There is a four-level scale urologists use, to help gauge how hard is really hard.

  • Level 1 – At Level 1, the penis has started to fill with blood and is noticeably larger than its flaccid state, but is not really harder. It’s hardness is similar to tofu.
  • Level 2 – At Level 2, the penis is starting to become more rigid, but it’s still not hard enough for sexual penetration. It’s hardness is similar to a banana without the peel.
  • Level 3 – At Level 3, the penis is now hard enough to have penetrative sex. However, there’s still some give to the tissue of the shaft. It’s hardness is similar to a banana with the peel on.
  • Level 4 – At Level 4, the penis is as hard as it possibly can be. It is so engorged with blood, the veins are typically standing out, the shaft is completely rigid, and there is little to no give in the shaft tissue with pressure. It’s hardness is similar to a cucumber.

erection hardness scale


A man’s erection — its strength, its girth and its length — are inextricably woven into his self-sense of masculinity. Even if he’s the most skilled lover in the world, if a man is worried that his penis isn’t as hard as it should be, it’s going to negatively affect his self-confidence, both in and out of the bedroom. Although penis size for sexual satisfaction is a factor, penis hardness is far more important. Without reaching Level 3 or Level 4 on the Hardness Scale, penetrative sex is simply not possible.

Harder Penis Infographic


Your erection strength is often a good indicator of your health. Remember, that erection can’t occur if you don’t have a healthy supply of blood flowing into the penis. If you find your hardness isn’t as hard as you’d like it to be, it can be a sign of other health problems. These include:

  • Circulatory Problems – Reduced circulation due to blood clots, narrowing of the arteries due to plaque deposits or other vascular problems can result in erections that aren’t as hard as they used to be.
  • Hormone Deficiency – Hormones are the messengers that help the penis communicate with the other parts of the body, allowing the erection process to take place. As we age, it’s normal for our hormone levels to change. A lowering of testosterone specifically can result in erections that are softer than when you were younger.


If you want a harder penis, there are steps you can take to improve your erection quality. These fall into two primary categories — exercise your penis to maximize hardness and/or take supplements designed to improve penile hardness.

Penis Exercises for a Harder Penis

Penis exercises are a great way to improve the hardness of your penis! These exercises are designed to encourage nutrient-rich blood flow into the penis. Some strengthen the skeletal muscles needed for a steely-hard erection.

  • Kegels – Kegels are designed to strengthentowel raise step 2 the pelvic floor muscles. These are the skeletal muscles you need to have strong for the hardest erections and the best erection angle. In addition, Kegels have a variety of other health benefits, including improved prostate health, and helping facilitate enlargement. Read more about Kegels and how to do them properly in our article – How to Do Kegel Exercises for Men.
  • Towel Raises – Towel raises strengthen the tendons and ligaments associated with a hard and healthy erection. Plus, the only equipment you need is a medium-sized towel. Learn more about how to do Towel Raises, including videos of the proper way to perform the exercises, in our article – Towel Raise – Penis Exercise for Size and Hardness.
  • Jelqing – Jelqing uses a milking motion to force nutrient-rich blood into the penis. This improves circulation, which results in a harder penis. Jelqs are easy to do and require no special equipment. They can be performed wet or dry, and there are varieties to help counteract penis curvature. Learn all about jelqing in our article – What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis.

Supplements for a Harder Penis

steel woody penis hardness
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There are a variety of herbal supplements on the market that can help give you a harder penis. These supplements usually have a variety of circulation improving ingredients, including: Yohimbine HCL,Horney Goat Weed,Green Tea Extract,Vitamin E, Epunedum Sagtum, Bioperive, Cooper Chelate, and more. Popular supplements designed to give you a harder penis include:

  • MaleExtra – MaleExtra promotes penis growth and penis hardness, by improving circulation.
  • Semenax – Semenax not only gives you a harder penis, but also has been shown to help improve stamina and semen volume.
  • SinRex – SinRex increases erection hardness and improves orgasm strength.
  • VigRX Plus – VigRX Plus is formulated with Bioperine for erection and virility enhancement.
  • Vitalikor – Vitalikor includes a combination of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, for maximum penis hardness.
  • ProSolution Gel – ProSolution Gel uses transdermal technology to boost your nitric oxide levels, when applied to the skin of the penis, for increased hardness.


You’ve heard the saying — You are what you eat. It’s true. The food you put into your body affects how you function, including how your penis functions. With this in mind, there are foods you can eat to help you get a harder erection.

  • Coffee – Caffeine not foods for a harder penisonly gets your heart pumping, which increases circulation through all parts of your body, including the penis, but it has been shown to release fat stores, which can give you the extra energy to use that rock-hard penis.
  • Spicy Peppers – The capsaicin in peppers is what delivers the heat. This organic chemical dilates blood vessels, encouraging blood flow, which results in a stronger erection.
  • Bananas – Bananas are rich in heart-healthy potassium. A healthy heart means a health hard-on!
  • Oysters – It’s not just a myth, oysters are good for your sex life. They’re high in zinc and vitamin B6 — both needed for optimum testosterone production and a hard penis.
  • Salmon – Salmon, and other foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids are great for improving circulation, by preventing clotting and plaque formation.
  • Oatmeal – Fiber-rich foods like oatmeal not only lowers cholesterol, but also helps keep your blood veins smooth and stretchy, maximizing blood flow to all parts of your body, including your penis.
  • Red Wine – Finish off your harder penis meal with a little red wine (only in moderation). The antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol in red wine relaxes arteries and improves blood flow, helping you get that steely hard penis you want.


Dos for a Harder Penis

  • DO Exercise Your Body – Your Harder penis doserection depends on a healthy circulatory system. To improve your circulation health – exercise! Cardio is best. Get that heart pumping! You’ll not only feel better overall, but you’ll enjoy the performance benefits of improved circulation in the bedroom as well. Ab exercises, in particular, are great, as these core muscles do assist in holding your erection nice and tight.
  • DO Eat Right – Fatty foods clog arteries, which reduce circulation, even in your penis. If you want a harder penis, eat more fruits, vegetables and lean cuts of meat. Your whole body will realize the benefits — even your penis.
  • DO Try a Device for a Quick Fix – If you want a harder penis tonight, try a device. Cock rings were designed specifically to prevent blood from leaving the penis, resulting in a harder erection. Hardwear Male Enhancer is one of the most popular devices designed specifically to give you a harder and larger penis.
  • DO Talk to Your Doctor – If you’re really worried about your erection strength, talk to your doctor. He can check to see if any medications you’re on are having an undesirable side effect on your penis, or see if there’s something else going on where a weak erection is just a symptom of another concern.

Dont’s for a Harder Penis

  • DON’T  Smoke or Drink – If you harder penis dontswant a harder penis, stop smoking. When you smoke, your veins and capillaries constrict, reducing blood flow to all parts of your body — including your penis. Drinking and other drugs also can give you softer erections.
  • DON’T Stress – Sex can be stressful. You worry about your performance. You worry if your partner will be satisfied. Plus, you may have self-confidence issues when it comes to your body. Guess what? All of this anxiety can result in softer erection. Take a deep breath. Remember your partner wouldn’t be with you, if they didn’t already think you’re kind of amazing. Relax. The more relaxed you are, the harder your penis will be.
  • DON’T Masturbate – Try saving your erections for when you’re with your partner. If it’s been while since you had an orgasm, chances are your body will be more eager for release — resulting in a more excited and harder penis. In some cases, masturbating too frequently can desensitize you or train you only to respond to your own touch.
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