The Importance of Cementing Your Gains


cementing your pe gainsThe body is an incredibly resilient piece of biomechanical wonder! It is naturally resistant to change – with tissue cells having a certain amount of elasticity. For those of us who pack on a few extra holiday pounds, this is a good thing. We can lose the weight, and for the most part, our skin reverts back to its pre-holiday state. However, when we’re talking about penis enlargement, this naturally built in protection can mean your hard fought gains may be reduced, when you stop exercising.

Now, how much of your gains you lose, if you stop penis exercises, is dependent on a variety of factors.

  • The amount of gains you had. – Using the weight gain/loss analogy — gain enough weight, and your skin is going to stretch beyond it’s ability to revert completely back to normal. Same with penis enlargement. There’s a point in your gains where you go from simply stretching tissues to true new cellular growth through microtears.
  • The length of time you maintained those gains – Again, with the weight analogy — if you’ve stayed overweight for a long period of time, this will make it more likely that your tissues will remain in the distended state. Perform penis exercises for a long enough period of time, and your body will consider that new, improved size as its “natural” state.
  • Genetics/Unique cellular composition – Some people simply have more elasticity in their tissue cells. Where this may be a good thing when it comes to gentle aging, elasticity may mean you lose some of your gains, if you stop PE.
  • How quickly you gained – There appears to be some anecdotal evidence to support a correlation between men who gain quickly and the amount of loss, if they stop PE altogether. This would make sense for a couple of reasons – 1. If it’s taken you a long time to reach your goals, then your body has spent more time adjusting to this larger state of being. and 2. Your body may be more elastic, allowing for an easier stretching of cells (quick gains), as opposed to true new cellular development.

The point is — after all of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into reaching your penis enlargement goals, you don’t want to lose any of it.

Don’t stop your current penis exercise routine completely. Instead, slowly reduce it, until you’ve back down to a very light maintenance routine a couple of times per week. Keep an eye out on your numbers though. If you see you’re losing any of the length or girth you’ve gained, bump up your routine again.