Intensity vs Duration & the Timing of Sexual Stamina Exercises: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of, answers questions about intensity versus duration and why stamina exercises should be done at the end of your routine, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. What’s the relationship between more intensity and more time under stretch?…

… Isn’t it the same as long as I perform enough reps?  What’s the difference between a hard, short stretch and a long, light one? 

Big Al: Intensity equals force, while volume equals time.  Regarding efficiency (but not necessarily effectiveness) the equation is one sided towards intensity- for example, you can get a greater total load with lighter weight and more time than you can with the inverse, but the effect on the tissues isn’t necessarily improved by doing so.  Using lighter tension requires a disproportional amount of time on order to note growth, and not everyone responds to such methods.  This is why we tend to stress higher intensity modes over higher volume- due to the efficiency and (normally)  greater rate of gains seen with higher intensity methods. That being said, neither extreme is necessarily more effective.  The typical point of maximum growth usually trends towards more but not absolute intensity.

An example: a workout where you hang for 10 minutes with 1 lb is NOT going to possess the same quality as a workout where you hang with 10 lbs for 1 minute.  An even easier example: you might be able to lift 100 lbs for 10 repetitions of an exercise, but that doesn’t mean you can lift 1000 lbs for 1 repetition.  Given the previous numbers you may be able to lift only ~120 lbs for 1 repetition.

Q. Why can’t I perform the stamina exercises when I’m fresh…

…instead of towards the end of my routine?  It seems I’d be able to do more reps of the Kegel and get more time in the Stop and Starts that way. 

Big Al: The challenges you outline are deliberate with sexual stamina exercises.  For one, it’s to be expected there’ll be difficulties in learning to perform stamina work without any stimuli beside the tactile and your emotional visualizations.  It may take a few weeks for you to adjust, but once the transition is made the changes in your abilities will be notable.

Second, the sexual stamina exercises performed at the end of the enlargement work has itself two main functions.  Because you’re pre-stretching the tissues of the penis with more traditional enlargement exercises, the stamina exercises will take on a whole new level of quality and they themselves will become more effective towards enlargement. As you can see, this format is meant to cause a type of cascade effect on purpose.

The other function is if you can train yourself to perform a successful stamina session after enlargement work, your sexual performance when your fresh will be that much more enhanced.