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penis enlargement forumsWe have lots of amazing members that work hard, behind the scenes, to help make PEGym’s forums safe and fun! These Moderators and Admins are the lifeblood of PEGym. We thought it would be nice, if we had a “getting to know you” type series with each of them, so all of our members can meet our mods and admins.

Our fourth interview in this series is with — CUSP82!   CUSP82 is one of our amazing admins here at PEGym and has been with us for more than 6 years, joining in December of 2009!

Meet more of our mods and admins! – Interview with Mods & Admins

Q. What goals initially led you to and what positive effects have you seen with PE?

CUSP82: Ok so what led me here? I used to chill with JP over at Betterman. One day he was gone but left a trail of cookies that I followed here.

Now what got me there? I was getting a bit older and thought this might help for EQ, which it did greatly. The extra size was just a bonus.Both were positive effects.

Q. Have you used any PE devices? If so, which ones have you used, and which are your favorites and why? What about manual exercises and other non-PE exercises?

CUSP82: I never liked or used devices. I simply stuck to a variety of stretches, jelqs, fowfers and las.

As for other exercises, well I have been lifting since I was a kid, racquetball 3 times a week and any other game I can play. Staying active keeps me out of trouble.

Q. What advice would you give to guys new to PE?

CUSP82: As for the new kids, just take it slow and easy and stop being in a rush. Nothing ever comes good when you rush things.

Q. Give us one fun fact members don’t likely know about you. :-)

CUSP82: As for a fun fact, I don’t think I have any. Everything is fun. You must remember that the world is a toy if you just stay a boy! As has been said before; second star to the right and straight on til morning! That’s how I live!

Thanks, Cusp!! LOVE your outlook on life! Growing up is for old people, and age is a state of mind!  🙂

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