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big al penis enlargement

big al penis enlargementWe have lots of amazing members that work hard, behind the scenes, to help make PEGym’s forums safe and fun! These Moderators and Admins are the lifeblood of PEGym. We thought it would be nice, if we had a “getting to know you” type series with each of them, so all of our members can meet our mods and admins.

Our eighth interview in this series is with — Big Al! Big Al is the lead trainer over at In addition to helping 1,000s of men reach their male enhancement goals over at meCoach, with one-on-one personal coaching, he’s helped members at PEGym for more than EIGHT years!

What goals initially led you to

Big Al:  Having been involved with assisting other great male enhancement forums, it made sense and felt right to gravitate towards PEGym.

What positive effects of PE have you seen, in your life, over the years?

Big Al: The most valuable aspect has been emotional satisfaction with my current physical state- regardless of the level of conditioning I currently have.  The goal of training should be to transcend both limitations and then attachments.

What manual male enhancement exercises have you done? Which are your favorite and why?

Big Al:  Jelqs, Kegels, The Jelq Free Routine, and Stop and Starts. The Stop and Start is the best all-around movement.

Have you used any PE devices? If so, which ones have you used, and which are your favorites and why?

Big Al:  I’ve tested various models of many different types of devices for short term periods.  For pumps, the most convenient has been the BathMate.

Do you do any non-PE exercise? If so, what?

Big Al: Weight training, martial arts, various low impact cardiovascular activities

What advice would you give to guys new to PE?

Big Al: Take your time and make sure you’re getting into it for the right reasons.  Developing training discipline and achieving goals can do a lot for your confidence and personal development.  Do your best to develop an objective mindset during training to get the best results and to further develop training discipline.

Give us one fun fact members don’t likely know about you. 🙂

Big Al: I’m a grandfather 🙂

Thanks, Big Al!! I had no idea you were a grandfather!! That’s very cool!

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