Introducing: Enlargement Magazine!


Introducing: Enlargement Magazine!

I’ve been honored to have been asked to participate in male enhancement’s newest online publication:!

The following was written by Enlargement Magazine editor M9ter:

“Many other men’s hobbies enjoy the benefit of being covered by their own publication, offering the community a valuable resource to combine knowledge, standardize terminology, and often be the first exposure the public has to the hobby.  Enlargement Magazine (EM) aims to be that publication for the over 20 year old penis enlargement (PE) community.

“Multiple PE forums and sales websites compete for the attention of those new to PE, themselves overwhelmed by the huge variety of options that vary wildly in efficiency and safety.  EM hopes to change all that, with impartial product and site reviews as well as the worlds first PE safety rating system. EM wishes to work with PE sites and product manufacturers to improve safety and quality, the outcome being more satisfied PE users and in turn increased profits. Think Consumer Reports (TM) for the PE hobby.

“The magazine will also offer articles written specifically for the PE community, interviews with the legends and up and comers of the hobby, and more. We are honored to announce Big Al as our February interview, as well as featured guest on the forthcoming Podcast.

“The magazine is written by and for PE enthusiasts. EM’s editor is himself a 23 year PE veteran known online as M9 or M9ter, founder of Reddit’s largest PE forum, (r/ajelqforyou) with over 18,000 members.  M9 was recently featured in a Men’s Health Magazine article covering the state of the PE community and was inspired to create EM after his experiences with Men’s Health. Enlargement Magazine is free and membership is not required, so we urge anyone interested to please stop by.” is still in its infancy but please be sure to bookmark it as it’ll only grow with time!