Jimmy’s Thoughts: The Uniqueness of PEGym


Jimmy’s Thoughts: The Uniqueness of PEGym

Before I get started with this article, I know there’s going to be some comments about how PEGym isn’t the only male enhancement forum out there.  That’s fine, and I think there’s a lot of great forums out there, but there’s something special about PEGym.  It’s been my home for awhile, and there’s just something special about the place.  We get along much better than most, and a lot of serious research is being done here.  This is becoming increasingly rare in an internet which is becoming increasingly controlled from the top down.  To me, the chemistry here is just right 🙂

What make’s PEGym special isn’t the site design or the products available on the site, it’s the members.  This means all members, which include the moderators and others running things behind the scenes.  For those who aren’t a part of the moderator team, you’d be surprised at all of the stuff which goes on behind the scenes to keep the forums running smooth.  They deserve a very special thanks for keeping the site afloat!

The members of this site come from all places and backgrounds, but in the common interest of helping each other with some of our most deepest concerns, hearts become open and great things happen.

The internet could use more places like PEGym, which is a grassroots organizations.  Things work better from a grassroots perspective, even if there isn’t as much profit in it.

These are just the thoughts of a late middle aged man with a bit of extra time on his hands, but I hope you enjoy reading it!






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