JonPop’s 90-Day Beginner Routine Summary

90-day routine

90-day routineThis summary is an overview of JonPop’s 90-day routine. Many feel this routine is the best beginner routine around. It’s simple, effective, and has been used by thousands of men, with good results. Adhering to the exact instructions is the key. Don’t be tempted to take short cuts, just stay on track, and only make changes as he instructs.

JP himself has made stunning gains with this routine, but as he states he was diligent in his efforts and put in the time and effort needed for success.


I wrote this routine back in 2004 after much research, trial and error and a few injuries. But these exercises and the supplements I recommend are still the way to go, to increase length, girth, overall health and well being. Many men have reported great success with this routine. I will still go back and do this routine when I have taken an extended break from PE to recondition. After this program, your penis will be well conditioned and ready for more advanced exercises.

Listen up, everyone-

  1. Learn the exercises.
  2. Don’t be too aggressive.
  3. Tailor a routine to the amount of time that can be devoted.
  4. Take required rest days and don’t expect results overnight.
  5. Above all, enjoy the experience that is Penis Enlargement and have fun.


As with any exercise routine, what you get out of it depends on several factors, including: the time and effort you put into it and your unique physical attributes. However, here’s JonPop’s experience, to give you an idea of what you could accomplish:

I gained probably 1 1/2″ in BEPL in the first 90 days. But since it was still giving me gains, I stayed with the routine for 16 months. During this period I gained, over all, 2 3/4″ in length and over 1″ in girth. I then went on to more advanced exercises and continued to gain to my present size of 8 1/4″ X 6 1/4″. I am just on a maintenance routine now. But, I credit most of my gains to the 90-day routine.

My starting stats were 4 3/4″ BPEL X 4 1/2″ MSEG. Yes I was a quick gainer. BUT.. I was diligent in my efforts and put in the time and the effort. I myself gained ¾” of length with the routine, in the first 2 months. And I still use a version of his routine today. However, keep in mind that this routine is designed to condition your penis for more advanced exercises. The gains are just an added bonus! It is possible to not see any gains at all, though in most cases, at least some gains are achieved. Just be patient and STAY THE COURSE, and you will be pleasantly surprised. 


Here’s where you can find this great beginner’s routine:


  • Read Carefully –  Read his routine thoroughly! This is important, and often not done by new guys. A lot of beginners simply skim over the information, and miss the important details contained in the post.
  • Print a Copy – This way you’ll have it for reference while you exercise.
  • Practice – Practice the exercises as described, before getting too frustrated trying to understand them in your mind. A lot of guys (me included) just starting out, over-complicate an exercise, by trying to understand it as written instead of just giving it a try.
  • Heed All Warnings – This is VERY important! PE is not a sprint race, it’s a marathon. Trying to cut corners or moving to an advanced routine too soon, WILL cause injury. Take your time and use common sense.
  • Listen to Your Body – Nobody knows you as good as YOU. In our next article of FAQs, will talk about PI’s (physiological indicators), a must read for anyone doing PE.
  • Learn the Lingo – It’s going to be difficult to effectively exercise, if you don’t know what the instructions are talking about. Go here – Penis Wiki of Enlargement Terms & Acronyms – for all the key terms and abbreviations.
  • Ask Questions – If you have a question, our forum members are here to help! The Beginner’s Forum is a great place to post questions or try JP’s thread.


Always remember. This is not an easy road but an amazingly rewarding adventure.