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So how effective are kegels? Two studies by leading scientists show that they may just be more beneficial for you than erection drugs.

books and laptop - Kegel Studies

KEGEL STUDY 1: A Real Surprise

A recent study had 55 impotent men exercise their pelvic floor muscles (with exercises like the Kegel). Prior to the study, none of the men could maintain an erection for more than 30 seconds. By the study’s end, 40 percent of the men were completely cured of erectile dysfunction, and 35 percent of the men showed signs of significant improvement.

The lead scientist of the study, Dr. Grace Dorey, author of Stronger and Longer, said, “The results were a real surprise . . . Strengthening up the pelvic floor muscles not only improved strength, but also endurance.”Dorey also noted, “When men are going through a normal sex life, they should be looking to these exercises to extend their sex life. If men are performing reasonably well, this research would suggest that they may be able to improve their performance even further.”

KEGEL STUDY 2: Harder Than Viagra?

Another study was conducted by German Urologist, Dr. Frank Sommer.The study involved 124 men who were separated into three groups. One group did pelvic floor exercises, one group took erection drugs (such as Viagra), and one group took a placebo. The pelvic exercise group took the lead with 80 percent experiencing stronger, harder erections, followed by the erection drug group with 74 percent, and the placebo group with 18 percent.


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