Kegels: Only One Piece of the Equation to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

Kegels to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor
You need balance when performing kegels.

by imac

You Need Balance with Kegels

Kegels, Only One Piece of the Equation to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor
You need balance when performing kegels.

Kegel exercises for men have a lot of benefits to offer those who use them to strengthen their pelvic floor, but only if they are used correctly. Quite often you’ll hear the kegel being spoken about as an almost one-stop cure all solution to anything pelvic floor related.

  • You’re incontinent? Do kegels.
  • You’ve got challenges with premature ejaculation? Do kegels.

Thankfully, provides a more balanced view. They know it’s not all about kegels. You also need the kegels balancing exercise for true success — the reverse kegel.

The reverse kegel is needed for problems that affect your pelvic floor. The solution isn’t simply to strengthen your pelvic floor as much as possible through kegel exercises for men but to create a balanced pelvic floor. For this, you need the two halves to the equation — the kegel and the reverse kegel.

What is a Kegel?

Kegel exercises for men are the deliberate contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor as a unit or in isolation. The kegel is used to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic Floor Muscles Illustration - Kegels
The pelvic floor muscles.

The primary muscles in the pelvic floor are the:

  • Pubococcygeus muscles,
  • Bulbocavernosus muscles, and
  • Iliococcygeus muscles.

How to Identify the Kegel Muscles

You can identify your pelvic muscles by contracting the muscles to stop your urine mid-flow. When you contract the muscles around your perineum and sphincter, you’re doing a back kegel (sometimes known as a root lock). If you contract all of your pelvic floor at once, then you’re working all the muscles as a unit.

NOTE: Stopping your urine flow mid stream is simply a way of identifying the right muscles and NOT the way a kegel exercise should be done.

When to Kegel

When you’re kegeling, you’re working skeletal muscle. For this reason, you shouldn’t overwork them. The pelvic floor can be easily overtrained. Don’t do kegel exercises for men too much and work within your conditioning level.

The standard thinking concerning how often you should kegel is to only perform them every other day. Personally, I include couple of rest days as well. As an example, I do a routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then rest in between and on the weekends, when doing kegel exercises for men. I believe working the same muscle group three times a week is enough to strengthen it.

How to Kegel

Performing kegels are actual quite simple. Choose the type of kegel you’re going to do and contract the muscles in short bursts or longer holds. Your standard routine should consist of both. As your pelvic conditioning improves you’ll be able to do stronger kegel exercises for men and hold them for longer.

Kegel Exercises

Minuteman has developed this incredibly comprehensive list of kegel exercises for men – here.

Flaccid Forms:

Flaccid forms means just that — a kegel exercise done while flaccid or no more than 40-50 percent erect. This is because in the beginning steps we wish to avoid injury that can occur while fully erect. Even if you are advanced, go through this exercise honestly and then you will know if your pelvic floor muscles are really ready for more.

Regular Kegel:

Regular kegels are done by clenching and relaxing the muscles just behind your balls. The point of focus should be that spot even if other areas (like anus or lower abs) move. The goal is building strength in the pelvic floor area, rising awareness of the muscle group, so one can notice when it is tensed during the sessions and for better control. These kegel exercises for men should be done not too strongly but not too weakly and at a medium pace.

Root Lock Kegel:

Root lock kegels are done by clenching and relaxing your anus. The point of focus should be this spot even if other areas (like behind the balls or lower abs) move. The idea is to help the body differentiate between those and the regular kegel exercises for men. Both of the types of the kegels are useful for adding the control and balancing the muscles. You are using the same muscles but strengthening different parts of it, which will help add the power to the kegel hold during dry orgasm.

Rapid Kegels/Root locks

Rapid kegels for men are as fast as you can clench and unclench the pelvic floor muscles. The clench strength should be medium to low. Focus on speed and coordination. Make your kegels the same but very fast and synchronized. The idea behind this is increasing your coordination and flexibility.

Whisper Kegels/Root Locks

Whisper kegel exercises for men are done at any point, but should be done in both flaccid and fully erect state.The whisper kegel is not all about power and speed as much as it is about the control and the technique. The idea is to do kegels as weakly as you can, to the point that you can just barely feel them. The speed should be moderate and close to your pulse rate. Whisper kegels are helpful for cultivating wave/rolling orgasms.

Wave Kegels

Wave kegel exercises for men should be done flaccid and, later on when more experienced, at full erect state.The idea is to create a sort of wave in your pelvic floor area. In other words, first you clench behind your balls then unclench and clench your anus, then unclench and clench behind your balls. The power and speed aren’t as important as it is to not stop, but go from kegel to root lock without pause.

Wave kegels build your coordination. The exercise is flexible, so you can perform them with rapid kegels and root locks or whisper kegels or root lock. Notice how it makes you feel when starting with a root lock and when starting with a kegel. Also try to focus on the wave like sensation it can give to you at the PONR.

SloMo Kegel/Root lock

Start by slowly clenching your kegel for 5 seconds, then slowly unclench for 5 seconds. This is an advanced form and should be done when you are feeling at home with the regular kegel exercises for men. Late, you can increase the amount of time; however these should not be holds. The focus here is on a slow/gradual progression.

Kegel/Root Lock Hold

This one is easy. Clench your kegel, wait a few seconds, then release. In the beginning, limit yourself to 5 seconds then go to 10 seconds. You can increase your time; however I see little point in holding the kegel for more than 20 seconds. In this exercise concentrate more on the lasting of the kegel than the strength of the clench. This kegel exercises for men is solely for the muscle strength.

Power Kegel/Root Lock

In this kegel exercises for men, you clench the muscles as strong as you can then release. This is used to increase the muscle strength.

Reverse Whisper Kegel/Root Lock

Do a kegel hold then unclench just a little and then clench fully again. Do not unclench all the way, just enough to feel the unclenching.This one is useful helps make you aware of the fact your kegel hold while preforming a DO always weakens just a little bit. In order to prevent it from fully unclenching, or unclenching too much, you clench it again. A useful variation to get a stronger kegel hold is to clench stronger after each unclench. This helps build more power.

Triangle Kegel/Root lock Hold

When you can do a kegel hold for 10-15 seconds try this exercise. Using 15 se3conds as an example, for the first 5 seconds slowly clench your muscle, then at top strength hold for 5 seconds, then SLOWLY release for 5 seconds. This is probably one of the hardest kegels to master. Again the focus is on being gradual, like doing a very slow push-up.

Breathing kegel/root lock hold

Do a kegel hold, but try to breathe as normally as you can. For those people like me who have problems in separating the muscles, this kegel exercise is probably the hardest and requires much concentration, especially when edging.

Reverse kegels/root lock

In many ways, this is an advanced form of kegel exercises for men and reported to help men have better control over their premature ejaculation issues. This is done in order to teach your body to relax those muscles.The point of focus here is a little bit different, while the root lock variation is more or less the same. The kegel variation is now focused on the muscles behind the balls and the area around your penis.The root lock variation is done by having your anus open a little bit, and the area between your anus and between anus and balls should feel a little inflated.

The difference between these and regular kegels/root lock is you should not aim to do them as strongly as you can, but at a more medium to weak level. They are here to relax your muscles more than build them up. You should do them after any stronger kegel exercises for men (triangle hold, or power kegel etc).

Erect Forms:

CAUTION- All of the exercises in this section should be done erect. However, you should first be at home with the flaccid forms, in order to avoid potential problems and injury. When you are erect, you don’t feel as much pain and therefore are not aware of the muscle that you are overworking.

 Pelvic Lift Variation:

Pelvic Lift - Kegels, Only One Piece of the Equation to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor
Pelvic Lift

Step 1 – Lay on floor on your back (non-prone position) with knees bent. Hands should be on floor next to your hips.

Step 2 – Tighten abdominal as you raise hips from floor until back is straight from shoulder blades to knees. Hold this position. If need be use hands to support hips.

Step 3 – Do a kegel/root lock *

Step 4 – Lower hips back to floor before doing another set.

*You can do any kegel/root lock exercise here, flacid, erect and full erect variations, also you can do the reverse kegel exercises for men and its variations.

Towel Raises

Simply, place a towel over your erect dick and try to raise it. In beginning, use a light towel. When your muscle becomes stronger, slowly increase weight but NEVER GO TOO FAR. It is natural for your dick to lose the EQ after a few towel raises, so edge it until the EQ is around 8-9. You should not be doing this exercis on EQ 10, since it can lead to injuries. Your dick is too stiff and even moving can mean problems.

Rubber Band Kegel Variation

When fully erect, place the elastic part of your briefs/shorts/whatever on your dick and do a kegel, in this variation of kegel exercises for men. This can be used to add even more resistance to erect kegels.If you want even more resistance, pull the elastic part closer to your glands. You should be doing this rubber band kegeling ONLY WHEN YOUR MUSCLE IS VERY WELL DEVELOPED AND YOU HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH DOING THE TOWEL RAISES.

Kegels and Edging

When your kegels are strong enough, you’ll be able to apply a strong one at the PONR and stop ejaculation before it occurs. With enough skill, you can use it to achieve a dry orgasm. If you’re not conditioned enough for this, or your timing is off, this can result in a full, partial or retro ejaculation (when the ejaculate is forced into the bladder).

Tension Before Strength

Physiotherapists who specialize in the pelvic floor recommend dealing with tension first before dealing with weakness. For anyone who has pelvic tension, this should be your first priority. You should remove the tension with reverse kegels, relaxation exercises, pelvic stretches, and in more severe cases going to see a physio, before moving on to strengthening the pelvic floor with kegel exercises for men. This way you’ll create a strong and flexible pelvic floor that’s in balance.

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  1. Okay i find myself a bit confused. I no from experience too much pc work = preccum but iff i RK too much my erections are softer correct? How exactly do i get full erections to last two hrs??.??. I assume wwhenever my pc muscle gets too strong i do RKs for a few days? Im confused

  2. Hi Imac.
    Great article.
    Do you have any thoughts on this kegel exercise that found online?:
    Listening to music (preferrably with varying beats and tempos) clench to the beat, relax, clench to the beat etc.

  3. Use your fingers to feel the different muscles constrict and relax. It makes Kegels so much more effective, accurate and enjoyable. Get your fingers down there!!! Let your fingers help you contract. Explore every nerve, muscle and fold of skin. Then massage the muscles – a massage after a workout is always great for muscle development. I learned this when weight lifting and wanted to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly, especially the abdominals. (Once you get strong, you can have mini-orgasms just by flittering the right muscles. After all, part of the orgasm is pleasurable muscle contractions.)

  4. Great! Simple, clear and well explaned! Shall we have to do all those kind of kegel? Its a quite heavy amount of exercises! I am hust a beginner and would love to know how to start exercising but in a reasonable amount of time daily!!