Living With ED: How To Take Back Your Life


Living With ED: How To Take Back Your Life

Dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) can be incredibly difficult for men at any age. Men often feel ashamed of their condition and convince themselves that they’re “less of a man” because of it. When left untreated, the effects can spiral into other areas of their life. Self confidence, intimate relationships, and overall health can decline quickly. If you are struggling with ED, it’s important to realize that it doesn’t have to control your life. With these few tips you can get back to being your best self!

Talk To A Doctor

The first step to taking back control of your life is to talk to a doctor. With the shame or embarrassment that a lot of men feel about ED, it’s normal to even be embarrassed to tell your doctor. Remember that your physician will simply want to help you. Don’t let a mental block stop you from reaching out for help. They might help you explore options for ED medications to give you some short term relief or suggest other lifestyle changes. They also might want to make sure you don’t have any other undiagnosed illnesses. ED can be a symptom of another illness like heart disease, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome to name a few.


Being proactive about your overall health will help you feel more in control of your ED symptoms. Working out can help tackle ED symptoms from many angles as your overall health generally improves. Since obesity increases the risk of ED, working out can get you on track to being a healthier weight and potentially reducing your symptoms. Another way that exercise can impact ED is through body positivity. Perhaps you’re not confident in your body and it’s causing some performance anxiety. If that’s the case, working out can improve your self esteem over time and potentially relieve your ED symptoms.


Incorporating a healthy diet into your routine is another great way to help alleviate ED symptoms. Being selective about what you eat and noticing the effects on your mood and mental state and your body will help you feel in control of your body. Aside from your basic “healthy balanced diet” there are some specific nutrients to help fight ED that you’ll want to be sure to incorporate. Many of these nutrients are linked to improving circulation, which is necessary for improving ED symptoms.

Remember, having erectile dysfunction does NOT diminish you as a man, or as a person. You may feel alone, defeated, betrayed by your body and unable to do the things you want when you want to. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react. Find solace in controlling other aspects of your life that you are able to control. Your mental and physical health will improve and you’ll be well on your way to getting your confidence back.

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