Losing Gains with the Jelq Free & Increasing Stamina with Stop & Starts: Ask the Experts

fleshlight stamina training unit

fleshlight stamina training unitBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about losing gains when doing the Jelq Free Routine and increasing stamina with Stop and Starts, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I’m at the advanced level but am now doing Jelq Free routine

…You recommend it to post-beginners, but I’m worried about losing all of my  jelq gains.

Big Al: Many men who know enough about penis enlargement to train have a curious aversion to not jelqing, so when I created the Jelq Free I put that in the name with the idea of “flipping the polarity” on the idea that a routine without jelqs is somehow ineffective.  It has helped, as many trainers see the transition from a standard jelq based beginner routine to the Jelq Free as a form of training advancement.  Give it an attempt for a few weeks to see how you respond t it.

Q. I have a Stop and Start question. I have been increasing my stamina by 30 seconds after each workout,…

…but I have to do maybe 4 or 5 stops to reach my new stamina goal. Now just wondering even though I have to do more than the 3 you recommend,  will I still be able to increase my stamina in the log run?  I also don’t know if it matters but I use a Fleshlight to train.

Big Al: You need to change tactics.  Even if you have to pause to get the extra time you should stay with the same stop/start count.  Once you get to 20-25 mnutes you’ll be able to fill out the time gaps as you master pace and ejaculatory control.  The exception to this is if you have difficulty lasting 5 minutes or less- in which case you can use up to 10 “stops”.  Once you get to 15 minutes total time you begin to cur back on the number of stops until you hit 3.

A Fleshlight will definitely give the exercise a more realistic feel.