5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Masturbation

masturbation hand with smiley face

masturbation hand with smiley faceEven if you have years of hands on (pun intended) experience with masturbation, there may be a few things you don’t know. When performed correctly, masturbation can be an effective means of stamina training, allowing you to better understand your body cues leading to orgasm. Additionally, it can help desensitize those with premature ejaculation challenges, to sexual stimulation. Read on to learn five interesting facts you probably didn’t know, about one of the world’s most popular solo past times.


  1. Not Totally Safe Sex – Although no one ever caught an STD from enjoying a little ‘alone time,’ there are risks associated with masturbation. Skin irritation is one of the most common problems, especially when masturbation is frequent or rough. Irritation can also occur if you use soap as a lubricant, or a lubricant that’s scented. Issues can also arise from bending the penis during masturbation. This can even result in a ‘broken penis,’ a serious condition where a penis chamber actually ruptures.
  1. There is No Normal – There isn’t a ‘normal’ amount of masturbation. If your masturbation habits don’t negatively affect other areas of your life, then chances are you’re not masturbating too much. However, if your masturbation is negatively your sex life with your partner or detracting from your professional or personal life in any way, then you may want to seek the advice of a mental health professional, to help regain balance in your life.
  1. Stress Relief – Orgasm from masturbation can be a great stress relief method. As with an orgasm had by regular intercourse, endorphins are released. These feel good hormones make your body feel relaxed, relieving stress and tension.
  1. Not a Sign of an Unhealthy Relationship – Despite belief to the contrary, a man masturbation is not a reflection on the health of his relationship. The reality is — most men masturbate. They not only masturbate when they’re single, they masturbate when they’re in a good relationship or a bad relationship. Sometimes, masturbation has absolutely nothing to do with the relationship at all.
  1. More Health Benefits in Sex than Masturbation – Although masturbation does relieve stress, it doesn’t have the same health benefits of actual intercourse. An orgasm from intercourse helps reduce blood pressure and offers other benefits for the heart and the prostate. An orgasm from masturbation, however, does not.