More On The Mental Side Of Male Enhancement

does male enhancement work

does male enhancement workThis article is going attempt to break down the three main reasons/phases of male enhancement training. ALL training is a form of conditioning, and the type of training undertaken should reflect the condition and the immediate goal of the trainee in question.

More than a few men interested in male enhancement are drawn to it due to perceived inadequacies in penis size, sexual performance, or ability. This might come from comparing themselves to other men in locker rooms, porn sites, and the like, or in more serious cases from negative comments made in previous sexual encounters. Not all men get into male enhancement because of feeling of inferiority. though. Still, it can be stated that there are three types of reasons why men get into it, and these reasons can be classified as: fear, courage, and mastery. Following is a breakdown and approach used in each.


A good number of men can be classed in this category. Many of them suffer from porn addiction, erectile dysfunction (ED), and/or previous negative sexual experiences. This stage can be difficult to get out of and things can actually be made worse if the wrong approach is used in training. If severe apathy, shame, and feelings of suicide are present, medical and/or psychological professional assistance should be sought.

Men in this category identify with having overwhelming feelings of anxiety during sexual encounters and are typically unable to perform. In more mild cases, they experience nervousness at the prospect of performing but should still be able to function. As the anxiety gets more serious, premature ejaculation and eventually ED can set it. The anxiety might be so severe even artificial aids, such as ED drugs (like Cialis or Viagra), may do little or nothing to help.

It should be noted that not all men who experience ED suffer from anxiety, but the failure to function properly can cause anxiety,­ further compounding the problem. In cases like that, one may heal from whatever caused their organic issue and still suffer from some degree of ED, due to reinforcing negative patterns of thinking.

“Penis enlargement” should be a secondary goal in the fear category, since it’s likely the trainee in this category will suffer from low erection quality (EQ -­ a combined measure of stamina and hardness) and sexual confidence (SC). Libido is often affected as well, since negative conditioning often leaves the subject with a feeling of fear at the thought or prospect of sexual activity.

Fear and Pornography

Negative conditioning can come from masturbating to porn­, especially if said activity has been done for long periods and is used as a way of avoiding relationships. This problem can be made even worse if the subject requires “harder” porn over time to achieve the same type of sexual high. This can make the conditioning process even worse and can induce a change in sexual appetites and create a feeling of shame.

This issue is discussed in greater detail in the article – Pornography Addiction.

Another type of negative conditioning, which may or may not be accompanied by porn use, is “testing”. This is in reference to masturbation done more for testing the quality and size of the erection than for mere release. As the subject continues his downward descent, each session creates a negative feedback loop until even the prospect of masturbating causes aversion. At this stage, the sexual response is replaced with anxiety extreme enough to cause partial or total ED. Pornography addiction can be a difficult problem to overcome, but the following article here goes into helping to deal with the issue at length.

Fear and Negative Sexual Experiences

Sometimes, a negative sexual experience can cause an abrupt change in one’s self perception. Someone who was previously confident in their abilities may find themselves fearing the next encounter. Subsequent negative encounters may further reinforce feelings of inferiority, until the subject avoids sexual contact with certain people or altogether.

Note: some men may find themselves able to function perfectly well with one type of person, while being totally impotent with another. Such is the power of the mind.

The advice given for this type of training is (as mentioned above) to make “enlargement” a secondary focus and work on maximizing EQ and SC, by focusing on stamina work. Special attention should be paid to the visualization portion of the routine. This is NOT a reference to sexual fantasizing, but to projecting the type of emotions you wish to have during actual sexual encounters.

You’ll want to project a feeling of utmost confidence and being completely unencumbered. That way, you can focus on all of the sensations of the exercise. By doing this, when you feel ready to partake in live sexual encounters your emotions will be “trained”, and the stimulus of a live environment will help you enjoy the experience even more.

The difficulty of being in this category is direct resistance to fear doesn’t work. Reacting with an “in situ” fight response against anxiety won’t cause you to become erect, because you’re still overriding what should be a natural response to arousal. Only by working through your anxiety and developing enough courage to allow for unencumbered intimacy can you hope to defeat fear.

Conquer Fear First

It’s vital that this fear stage be truly mastered before moving on to the next stage, so training can be enjoyable and productive. Failure to do so can lead to a lack of gains or even negative conditioning,­ where the emotions and intent attached to the training causes more harm than good.

The above can be a good way for you to develop enough ability and confidence to move on to the next phase of development “Courage”.


Courage is the category where a greater percentage of men seem to be. This does not mean men in this category have no anxieties. The definition of courage is to act despite having fears. This category can overlap the fear and mastery stages, but the vital component here is there is typically enough confidence present, so training can be beneficial and productive.

This is a curious category where the physical can be mastered at a higher level than the deeper mental/emotional­, especially if the trainee is very healthy and well-trained. It’s also at this stage where extraordinary developments like Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO) become possible.

Once you’re making progress in the area of stamina, you can begin looking into penis enlargement training. To maximize your penis enlargement success, it’s in your best interest to maximize your EQ and SC as well. Stamina work and penis enlargement are complementary – one helps the other by further expanding tissues and helping recovery through improved blood flow. This means faster size gains, compounded with increased SC, and a better knowledge of what works for you, so you can create a feedback loop where training becomes more productive over time.

This category is particularly important as the physical accomplishments can develop somewhat independently of mental/emotional progress. It’s possible to master being able to become erect at will and to develop a high level of EQ (and size) and even to conquer anxiety, without fully controlling the negative emotional developments. These may lie buried deep in the psyche. When this happens, you can be very sexually competent but express yourself in a negative fashion.

An example of this is to engage in emotional payback against women (or men, if that is your preference) by using them sexually. This can range from merely mutual sexual relationships (with little tor no emotional attachments) to “conquering” with the deliberate goal of making the other party become emotionally attached through expert sexual “performance”.

While enough positive “physical” conditioning can be obtained from the sheer volume of work, to be able to master sexual potency, this can cause one to become stuck in a loop, where sex becomes an addiction, where no higher emotional commitments are sought, due to the unresolved deep seated fear of rejection and feelings of unworthiness. Over time, the novelty wears off and more extreme cases forms of pleasure are needed to get the same high.

In a sense, some of the symptoms of the problem seem fixed, but the malady remains. In extreme cases there is a form of therapy involving “sex surrogates,” which can assist in the process of helping men to gain sexual courage. In essence, a man will engage in sexual activities in a therapeutic manner, with the purpose of breaking the anxiety barrier without pressure. This might be considered a “legitimate” version of merely engaging in sexual activity for sport, but there are often beneficial therapies that accompany this type of service­ – like emotional counseling.

Courage and Visualization

Part of the key to courage involves practicing visualizations. This is NOT a reference to sexual fantasizing, but to projecting the type of emotions you wish to have during actual sexual encounters. To practice this, you’ll want to project a feeling of utmost confidence and being completely unencumbered. This way, you can focus on all of the sensations of the exercise. By doing this, when you do have live sexual encounters your emotions will be “trained,” and the stimulus of a live environment will help you enjoy the experience even more.

If you suffer from severe repressed issues then professional counseling and deep introspection might be necessary, in order to enjoy participating in a well-­balanced relationship and to move on to the next phase – mastery.


This is the level where you have learned to move beyond attaching your self worth to your physical attributes. An interesting fact about this phase is you don’t necessarily have to become super-potent or gain a large penis to get here. At this stage, you’ve transcended your fears and concerns about size and performance, and you’re now able to perform in an unencumbered fashion.

Something ironic at this point is even sexual “techniques” become irrelevant. A good number of women (and not a few men) will state that, sexually, what they desire most is the feeling of being desired. Once you’re able to act in an unencumbered fashion, the depth of emotional connection you’ll be able to establish will outstrip the need for mechanical techniques.

Another great part of having achieve this level is you’ll be better able to handle tempting scenarios that may not be in your best interests to engage in. You’ll no longer act like a mere animal guided by physical desires, but you’ll be able to pick and choose your moment with much more clarity and perspective. This won’t automatically make you immune from negative incidents, but should any occur you’ll be much better equipped to handle them without the emotional upheaval that can emotionally harm a less wise and experienced individual.

Why Mastery­?

There’s a HUGE difference between knowing something in an academic manner and fully understanding it. One is mere “knowledge” while the other is “wisdom”. Wisdom is essentially defined as being able to use what you know in the most beneficial manner possible. What you see on is an example of wisdom taken to its ultimate conclusion.

On the forum, you have many who have accomplished their goals and have transcended the mental/emotional fetters that may have held them back in some way at one point in their lives. Many of these same people have also taken it upon themselves to share their wisdom to help alleviate the suffering so many come to this site to resolve. This form of service is the highest use of that hard-earned wisdom!

If those of you reading this are new to this form of philosophy, it’s hoped that you too will learn and someday help others with your wisdom and experience.