Minuteman’s Dry Orgasm Guide – Part 1

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When performed correctly, dry orgasms can lead to multiple male orgasms.

This article has been adapted by the editor of PEGym.com, from the guide written by Minuteman. The guide content is subject to change.

Note: This guide is for attempting to dry orgasm solo. But all the knowledge here transitions well into sex. Responsibility: By reading this guide, you and you alone bear the responsibility for attempting exercises, techniques and methods that are described or mentioned in this guide, so you attempt all this at your own risk, you have been warned.

Motivated by the current rise in interest about dry orgasms, despite the fact there is information about this in the Premature Ejaculation Forum, Minuteman creases a comprehensive guide on dry orgasms and how to achieve them. He is also motivated by the desire to help others to avoid possible injuries while attempting dry orgasm. Many PE’ers who attempt dry orgasms for the first time become (understandably) demotivated to pursue multiple male orgasms (MMO) further, due to the difficulties experienced when attempting dry orgasm. Minuteman was lucky to to have one of his first dry orgasms be a clean one. This proved to him one can attempt dry orgasm and suffer absolutely no discomfort when done right.

When performed correctly, dry orgasms can lead to multiple male orgasms.
When performed correctly, dry orgasms can lead to multiple male orgasms.

Introduction to Dry Orgasms

I used dry orgasm as one of the first tools to overcome premature ejaculation. While I was actively doing it, I was able to with relative ease. However, I stopped since I had no partner and decided to pursue other more traditional ways of fixing premature ejaculation. I knew there will always be times when doing a dry orgasm will be too difficult, due to various distractions. In doing so, I learned a lot.

  • In the first part of this guide, I will introduce the basic definition and elements of dry orgasm to eliminate any confusion with terms and also to clarify many points.
  • In the second, third and fourth parts, I will discuss in depth each of the elements needed for a successful dry orgasm.
  • In the fifth part, I will describe the entire dry orgasm process, including the things leaned from the previous parts and other tips.

Part I – Terminology, Classifications, Definitions, and Reasoning

Note: I assume you know what terms like: edging, ballooning, kegel, reverse kegel, root lock (back kegel) , reverse root lock (reverse back kegel) mean. If you don’t, pleas educate yourself on those terms first, then come back here. If I were to decribe all of these terms here, the length of this would quickly go from a guide to a book.

1) What is a Dry Orgasm? –  Differentiating Between Medical Terms and MMO Terms

If you Google around a bit, you will read many sources say dry orgasm and retrograde ejaculation are the same or one leads to another, since nothing comes out of your penis. However, in MMO terminology dry orgasm is different.

Retrograde ejaculation happens when the path for sperm to come out of your penis is obstructed or the bladder sphincter is not functioning properly. Since your sperm doesn’t have anywhere to go, it goes into your bladder. Dry orgasm, in this medical sense, is the feeling that occurs when retrograde ejaculation happens.  This is why most of the time when one refers to dry orgasm, in non-MMO terms, it refers to retrograde ejaculation. Just to be clear, these medical terms are valid in their definitions; however, since MMO also uses the term dry orgasm it can become a source of confusion.

Other types of medical dry orgasm occurs in younger males when they ejaculate numerous times within a short amount of time. This is due to the fact the testes are unable to produce enough sperm, but only able to provide the spasm that occurs with orgasm and nothing to ejaculate.

In MMO terms, dry orgasm occurs when you have an orgasm without ejaculation but during the time you should be ejaculating. This is done by stopping the expulsion part of ejaculation, with kegel holds, reverse kegel holds or some other method (these alternative methods are not explored or suggested in this guide since their safety hasn’t been determined).

Proper dry orgasm is made up of 3 components: strength, technique and timing.
Proper dry orgasm is made up of 3 components: strength, technique and timing.

2) Strength, Technique, Timing – The Essential Components of Dry Orgasm

There are three elements that determine whether the dry orgasm is performed properly or improperly. In order to have a dry orgasm the way it is meant to be, you must learn how to be proficient in all three of components. The better you are, the better dry orgasm you will have.

  • STRENGTH – The strength of the kegel hold needed to shut down the spasms that occur.
  • TECHNIQUE – The proper way of moving your kegel to make your hold more effective.
  • TIMING – The correct time when you should hold your kegel to properly preform a dry orgasm.

3) Types of Dry Orgasms

There are three bad and two good types of dry orgasms. The bad ones I list are for identification. The goal is to learn how to perform the two good ones.

Bad Dry Orgasms

  1. Dribble Ejaculation – This one happens most of the time when your kegel hold is not strong enough to attempt a dry orgasm. In a way, this one is the most harmless of the bad ones, since in the end all of the sperm goes out albeit very slow. Note: Dribble ejaculation can also occur normally when your pelvic floor is unbalanced and your reverse kegels are stronger than kegels, or your kegels are just weak. After dribble ejaculation, everything happens as with regular ejaculation.
  2. Partial Ejaculation – This happens when your timing is off and part of your ejaculation gets out. The remainder of the ejaculation either goes into your bladder (Partial-Retro) or doesn’t and is reabsorbed. This depends on both your technique and strength. Depending if the retro was included or not, you will go flaccid very fast and most of the time unable to retain both arousal and erection. As before, if without retro you likely will feel slight disconfort but lose little of your erection and arousal. Even though partial ejaculations may feel “good enough,” avoid having this type of orgasm and do not settle for them.
  3. Retro Ejaculation – This happens when your technique is not good enough and is the one most people experience. You should avoid retro ejaculation at all costs, since it can injure you. You will have a huge drop in both arousal and erection, and your penis might even turtle a little. Most of the time, you will feel discomfort. In order to check if you have in fact had retro ejaculation, after you attempt a dry orgasm, try and urinate in a cup and see how cloudy it is. If it is cloudy (you will spot it at once), you have retro ejaculated.

Good DOs

  1. Clean DO (or just Dry Orgasm) – This is the one you want. Clean dry orgasm happens when your strength and timing is right on the money. The technique is good enough. You will feel no discomfort during this dry orgasm. Your erection will drop just a little, due to the kegel hold, but your arousal and desire will remain as they where. It is up to you if you want to now take it slow or ejaculate or do another one. You will have approximately three spasms of decreasing strength. The first spasm is the one that you turn into a kegel hold, the second one will happen and, if your hold is strong enough, it will be of much decreased strength (you will barely feel it). The third one will be almost non-existent. If you experience more than three spasms, they will usually result in retrograde ejaculation or another of the bad types. The feeling of a good dry orgasm is very unique, even though it is an orgasm without an ejaculation. Most of the time, you will know if you have done it.
  2. Perfect DOs – This is the best form. This is the ideal dry orgasm when you have a kegel hold activated in specific way (technique) and specific strength (strength) and at a specific time (timing) that it STOPS all other spasms after the first one. In other words, you completely stop the ejaculation. You are left with the orgasmic feeling, no erection drop at all and your arousal is intact. That is what anyone who is practicing dry orgasm should aim for after clean dry orgasms. You are left a slightly before the point of no return. However, in essence this one is all technique. People with premature ejaculation might even encounter this one by accident while preforming start and stop with a kegel hold. It is bad practice to rely just on technique, because in order for this one to occur all the time you have to have all three parts perfect.

4) The Reverse Kegel Hold Dry Orgasm (And Why I Haven’t Included it Here)

As you will notice while reading this guide, there is no mention of dry orgasms achieved by reverse kegels, even though you might have run into people mentioning them in PEGym.com forums.

Here are some reasons I won’t be “teaching” how to RKDO:

  • I am not able to do it: This is the first and most important reason why. The whole point of this guide is to create a safe and well-defined environment where you can attempt dry orgasm with little to no risk. If I don’t know about details of RKDO, I am not going to give you some half-hearted explanation.
  • Not every reverse kegel hold you do and point of no return is a RKDO. This is the same as the fact that not every kegel hold is a dry orgasm, even if you are near the point of no return, because you are not stopping spasm kegel but just an involuntary one. However, due to now knowing those details, people usually clam they are able to RKDO. Until you are able to constantly produce similar results under the same circumstances you should not be sure of it.
  • It’s against the natural flow. Reverse kegeling goes against the normal flow of the ejaculation process. In timing mastery, I do tell you to hold the kegel but in a way it can (and will) be overpowered by a spasm kegel, so you can get the timing down. There you can feel and see that it is the natural flow.
  • Fully stopping a spasm kegel after a long and highly-aroused session is like waiting for somebody to punch you full force in the face. In contrast, turning a kegel spasm into a conscious kegel hold is like avoiding that punch and using the inertia to make it stronger,is the way you end up with a very strong kegel hold. However, in order to fully use that strength you have to be conditioned.

While there are people who swear by it, I can’t with clear conscience recommend you something like that.

In that light, I also want to warn you to always use your own judgement. Do not follow or trust this guide or me blindly, even though I have done everything I could to protect you from many problems that may occur and I have also followed the basic ideas while I was learning how to dry orgasm. This doesn’t mean there is nothing I am not aware of. If while performing the routines or mastering other aspects you feel or find something is fundamentally wrong, you should not continue this activity.

Regular ejaculation helps keep the pipes clean.
Regular ejaculation helps keep the pipes clean.

5) The Importance of Ejaculation

In time, you will gain the ability to have a dry orgasm. For some, ejaculation might start to seem pointless, since when you experience the first dry orgasm in a session you don’t feel much need to actually ejaculate and, in a way, feel satisfied. This mostly happens in the beginning stage of dry orgasming, when the brain is still mixing the signals from ejaculation with dry orgasming.

The thing to note here is ejaculation is a process that is good for the body. One of the most important things is it cleans the “pipes” and the prostate. In terms of men’s health, this is very, very important. If you continue to have dry orgasms and no ejaculations, you can become clogged and many of the secretions will be in your prostate. This can cause problems. On the other side of the equation, too frequent ejaculations might not benefit you or simply make you too tired. You should ejaculate at least once a week.

If you are dry orgasming, things change. You should ejaculate two to three days maximum after a dry orgasm session, in order to force the fluids that generate (mostly precum) out. For people who just started dry orgasming, this should be a rule.

For those who are seasoned dry orgasmers, they should ejaculate at the end of every session or the next day. Also, keep in mind you should not always dry orgasm. Having normal masturbation or sex that doesn’t involve dry orgasming at all is highly recommended. Mix it up!

If you had a dry orgasm and you feel a sort of preassure or fatigue in your testicles,  and if you are hard enough to ejaculate, you should. This will decrease the fatigue or eventual pain (the “blue balls”).

6) Why is This So Long and Complicated? It’s Just a Kegel Hold at the Right Time, Right?

The simple answer to this question is — to protect you. An alarming amount of people will try to perform a dry orgasm when they are not conditioned enough. This can sometimes lead to injury. Because of this, most later on become uninterested and don’t see the point of dry orgams. This especially happens when they didn’t perform it right. Who’s to blame them? This guide was written to make dry orgasms as easy as it can be.

There are two  more reasons this is so long:

  • To make you confident. By dry orgasming the right way the first, second or even third time, you will gain confidence in your sexual ability. Now you will always have some foundation to go back to. It might not sound like much right now, but once you have had your clean dry orgasm, you will find yourself agreeing.
  • To condition you. Dry orgasm is for many an entry point for MMO. By learning how to do this the right way, you open the door to many advanced experiences. Many of them will come naturally later on. Even for premature ejaculation problems, this way of conditioning will make you well-prepared to utilize any premature ejaculation techniques, with a much better understanding and ability than a beginner.

Do not fool yourself! MMO requires A LOT OF WORK AND DEDICATION. Some might be lucky or innate and be able to achieve this with little to no problems, but for most it isn’t that easy.

7) The Importance of Feedback

In order for this guide to be validated further, user feedback is of utmost importance. This means if you are reading this guide and using material from it, you should return the favor by posting here and telling us/me your opinion about it and even more importantly your experiences. In this way, I can make this guide even better, and you are helping others the way I may have helped you.

Even though I have tried my best to cover all the bases, this is nearly impossible without feedback. Some things I may have forgotten to mention and others may not have even occurred to me.

8) The Responsibility

Even though this guide tries its best to warn you (probably much more than is needed) and, via exercises and preparation, tries to protect you from any injuries and accidents that may happen, you and you alone bear the responsibility for attempting exercises, techniques and methods that are described in this guide. Attempt all of this at your own risk.

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