Missouri State Professor Looking for Volunteers for Penis Size Survey

alicia walker missouri state university penis size survey

alicia walker missouri state university penis size survey

What is the average penis size?

It’s a question we get time and time again, here on PEGym. We know there have been lots of previous studies. PEGym even did a survey of their members — READ THE RESULTS HERE. But, most surveys are self-reported, or are so small in size of participants, so the results have always been a little suspect.

Dr. Alicia Walker, of Missourit State University, wants to change that.

She and her research assistant are looking for at least 3,600 men to fill out their online survey and submit pictures of their penis, while measuring length and girth – flaccid and erect.

“We are not recruiting locally. I don’t want there to be anything dicey,” Dr. Walker said, adding she didn’t want colleagues, friends and neighbors to feel pressure to participate. “You don’t want there to be anything awkward.”

Walker, hired by Missouri State in 2016, said a man’s size can change his self-image and trigger depression and body dysmorphic disorder. “It’s serious. Some of them actually attempted suicide.”

“I’ve spoken to men who have been suicidal because of their anxiety and unhappiness with their size or perceived size,” Walker told the NY Post. “Men that haven’t been to the doctor in more than a decade or are not using a condom because they’re convinced they can’t get one that fit them.”

This unhappiness, depression and sometimes desperation is something we see on the PEGym forums daily.

“We need to be talking about men’s body dysmorphia, and the way our society worships size and the way that worship impacts men… It really is incredibly damaging,” she said, according to the Post. “They can’t admit that they feel this. Imagine carrying around all this anxiety about your body and then imagine you can’t even tell your friends?”

If you’d like to assist Dr. Walker, you can fill out her survey — HERE.

Hopefully, more scholarly research, on a large scale like this, will help us better understand average penis size and the very real problem of body dysmorphia in men.