More On Emotional Visualizations


More On Emotional Visualizations

Emotional Visualizations are used to learn emotional mastery- for preparing and during training and sexual activities.  EVs also have practical applications outside of male enhancement training.

The following exercise (courtesy of T.W. Durfy) can also be used in conjunction with Emotional Visualizations:

Beyond the importance of a strong PC muscle when it comes to stamina, many men do not realize that we ALL are capable of having multiple orgasms just by learning a few simple, physical techniques. With a little dedication and practice, you can unlock the secrets to the best sexual experiences of your life.

The main question I get asked is “why do men lose this ability to have multiple orgasms if we’re all capable of doing it?” Simply put, ejaculation. Once we begin to ejaculate in our younger years the feeling is so unbelievable that it completely overtakes a man’s ability to distinguish between the feeling of arousal and orgasm to that of losing themselves in ejaculation. We rewrite this by understanding and separating the different sensations between arousal and orgasm so that we don’t allow ourselves to crossover into ejaculation.

A combination of breathwork and muscle control is the key to becoming multi-orgasmic. In the audio linked below, I’ll guide you through a basic breathing exercise that when practiced regularly will act as an energy pump. A physical exercise that you can try is the Stopping the Stream Exercise:

1) When you are about to urinate, deeply inhale
2) Exhale slowly forcefully pushing out the urine
3) Inhale and contract your PC muscle stopping the flow of urine
4) Exhale and start urinating again
5) Repeat 4-5 times or until you have finished urinating

This file can be useful for mastering your breathing during the exercise.

T.W. Durfy is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and Dai Soke of the Hoshin Roshi Ryu Jutaijutsu system of martial arts and esoteric energy. He specializes is mind and body transformation coaching his clients how to heal from the inside out. “Transform your mind, transform your body, transform your LIFE!”


  1. We have a large body of work onsite re mmo including many threads and a mmo group/club.

    Despite my many years around martial arts I have not previously heard of Jutaijutsu or Hoshin Roshi Ryu.
    I will have to research.