Overwork, Vascularity, & High Rep Exercises: Ask The Experts


Overwork, Vascularity, & High Rep Exercises: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about Erect Kegel pauses, rest in the stretched state & tool use.

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Q. Hey Al! I’m just starting out and wanted to make sure not to overdo things…

Is there a way to tell if I’m starting off at the right level of force for the exercises?

Al: When starting ANY new exercise, err on the side of caution with force. The first few sessions are meant to develop a level of equilibrium and master the form of the exercise. From there, force is added SLOWLY, over time. At no time should bruises, pain, excess soreness and the like be considered good for progress.

For more details on this, please review the following: Please Read First.

Q. I’ve been doing male enhancement for 3 weeks now and have noticed my penis is a lot veinier and harder than before!…

I’m worried about problems with my veins though. Do I have anything to worry about with this?

Al: Regarding veins, you should be noting more vascularity as your conditioning improves. What you want to watch out for are any painful swellings or bruises- as this is a sign of overwork or even abuse.

Q. With the Jelq Free routine I noticed the reps for the Side to Sides can be as high as 2000!…

What if I don’t want to train with such high reps?

Al: Even if you were an advanced trainer, you wouldn’t start with high reps in your first sessions- as you’ll need to test the exercise first.

The reps don’t necessarily have to increase indefinitely if you can upgrade to more intense exercises- provided you benefit from this.