CosaGrande MagneMaxx

CosaGrande MagneMaxx Penis Enlargement

4/27/15 — CosaGrande website is no longer in existence. (Kimberly)   The CosaGrande MagneMaxx is a magnetic, silicone band that creates a magnetic field around the base of the penis, resulting in a larger, thicker penis. The CosaGrande MagneMaxx Uses …

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EnhanceRx Penis Extender

EnhancerRx Penis Extender

The EnhanceRx Extender is a penis enlargement device that safely and continuously stretches the various anatomical parts of the penis. With proper instructed use, increased length and thickness of the penis and fixing penis curve is guaranteed! Use the EnhaceRx™ …

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Andropenis Extender by Andromedical

Andropenis Extender by Andromedical

The Andropenis Gold is the original version of Andromedical’s best-selling penis enlargement device backed by more than 350,000 patients. Andropenis Extenders have been designed to help their customers in the enlargement of their penis. With the aim of improving results …

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Power J Gym PJG2

Power J Jelq Tool

The Power J Gym PJG2 is a new device designed to enlarge the penis in length and girth, in a shorter time than manual exercises alone. In addition to penis enlargement, the Power J Gym will also give you harder …

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KR Extender

KR Penis Extender

The KR Extender is made to exacting specifications and contains only the highest quality materials. The tolerance level of the device is equal to or better than many “name brand” extenders. The KR Extender includes several enhanced comfort items, including …

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This product is no longer available. We recommend Phallosan Forte, for the highest quality, most comfortable vacuum penis extender on the market. The VacADS kit uses same cylinder as Vacextender 3 and its sealing mechanism. The only difference is that …

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PenisMaster Penis Enlargement Device

The PenisMaster, formerly known as the PeniMaster, is proven to induce permanent penis enlargement. The PenisMaster is vastly superior to any other penis enlargement device on the market, in terms of design, construction and effectiveness. The PenisMaster is the Original …

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