Self-Diagnosing: Risks

self diagnosis risks

As we talked about yesterday, in my post – Self-Diagnosing: Listening to Others – the Internet has really opened up the gateway of information, especially when it comes to medical concerns. From well-known websites like WebMD to being able to …

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The Dangers of Excessive Kegeling

hanstwililght penis enlargement avatar kegel

We have a very special post today, from one of our amazing moderators, HansTwilight.  HansTwilight talks today about the dangers of excessive Kegeling.  Derived from his own personal (and painful) experience, he gives us unique insight into what can happen when …

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More About the Vagina


Although PEGym is penis-centric, if we’re going to improve men’s sexual lives, they really need to understand the penis  counterpart – The vagina. We first talked about the vagina in this article — A Little Bit About Female Anatomy: AKA How …

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