How to Use a Penis Extender

The problem with regarding “How to Use a Penis Extender” instruction guides up to this point is that many such guides do not give thorough information on what an extender user should do and experience to know they are on …

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8 X 6: The Clive Peters Story

Clive Peters, author of How to Maximize Your Manhood, describes how he became involved in penile enhancement and his journey from curiosity to belief and commitment.  Working toward (and reaching!) his penis growth goals has added spice to his marriage, …

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The FastSize Product line as been discountinued

The Beginner’s Penis Enhancement Checklist

When it comes to beginner’s penis enhancement, planning out how to achieve your goals is just as important as your penis exercise routine itself.  Plan your success, and then stick to your plan.

Interview with AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

Reputed penis enlargement expert and trainer AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, head of Male Enhancement Coach, discusses his long-term commitment to the field of male enhancement.

Addicted to the Jelq

The well-known jelq penile exercise has become such a staple of male enhancement routines that many men wind up “addicted to the jelq” — performing the exercise past its usefulness, or in situations where other exercises might be better.  Read …

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Big Penis Tools

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Penis Enlargement won’t happen overnight, but by building up a toolkit of resources from others who have learned the secrets to success, you too will soon achieve a bigger penis and a richer life.