Penile Exercises: Why Do Them?

Penile Exercises why do them

Men turn to the penis enhancement lifestyle for many reasons.  We may hope to achieve overall sexual health, an alternative to high-cost drugs and risky medical procedures, a competitive edge, fulfillment of the desire to be “above average,” or an ability to better please our partners. Probably the main reason men turn to penile exercises is simply for increased penis size! This article discusses some of the central goals that bring men to penile exercises, and the results that keep us here.


What made you decide to give penis enhancement a try, and what changed your idle curiosity to belief in the process?  Many men become interested in penile exercises through the pure and simple goal of achieving a bigger penis, but there are a myriad of other reasons to exercise the penis.  Here are a few of the top reasons men join the PE lifestyle, as well as the unexpected benefits that keep us working out!

“When I first started penis enlargement it was an amazing new world filled with great potentials and new hopes and dreams.”–Mike “DLD” Salvini, trainer and founder of the Matters of Size program


Overall penis health is a common reason men are attracted to the world of penile exercises. While men often refuse to discuss the subject, far too many accept diminishing sexuality years before they should. Sexuality may last well into the senior years, if not a lifetime, for those who faithfully perform the exercises recommended in the PEGym.

Several simple exercises can be performed to enhance erection quality, providing more satisfying sexual experiences and a healthier and harder penis. Increases in stamina and confidence in sexual situations have also been attributed to the application of penis exercising methods. Some men simply want the healthiest penis they can possibly have, and that’s all right too.


  • Penile Exercises Provide A Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction: Globally the treatment of erectile dysfunction costs billions of dollars per year. Some men don’t have the financial means to obtain treatment for ED, while others may want to avoid depending on drugs and instead seek out natural methods of extending their sexual capabilities. Penile exercises have been found by many men to be a safe and affordable (essentially free) alternative to medications. Even older men have claimed that they have avoided ED medications by simply exercising the penis regularly.
  • Penile Exercises Provide a Natural Alternative to Surgery: Some men choose surgical penile augmentation to achieve a larger penis size. Reports have shown that the results of penis enlargement surgery are often disappointing and in some cases disfiguring. When performed correctly, penile exercises pose little risk.
  • Penile Exercises Provide a Natural Alternative to Male Enhancement Pills: Sexual health products dominate discussions on penis enhancement with little to no discussion given to natural and free methods to produce desired gains. Commercials tout penis enlargement pills that supposedly provide “natural male enhancement,” but has anyone ever really demonstrated that it has worked for them? Here in the PE Gym you can meet many members who have experienced moderate and sometimes incredible gains simply by sticking to a penis workout routine… and at no cost!


Let’s face it, many men live for competition and the feeling of accomplishment when goals are obtained. Our desire to compete may stem from locker room moments in junior high and high school, the media, peer influence, a girlfriend’s comparison to other partners, or from a host of other sources. Often, penile exercisers don’t want to be “average,” and thus they compel themselves to be bigger and stronger through penis exercises.

“It didn’t take long before I discovered how enjoyable – and effective – some of the penis enlargement workout routines were.” – Clive Peters in 8X6: The Clive Peters Story.  (Clive Peters is also the author of the book How to Maximize Your Manhood.)


Some men have partners who use vibrators or dildos of varying sizes. For many men this is not an issue, but others may consider the size and shape and wonder if they should “measure up” to these standards. Obviously communication with your partner could provide insight as to whether this is a concern or not.


It is a common misconception that all women want a man with a large penis. Women have many different tastes when it comes to penis size. While some may value a well endowed man, others may prefer a man that has a more average or perhaps even a smaller size. What your partner wants and desires is completely an individual preference that only they can determine.

When the relationship is open, discussions can allow each partner an opportunity to state what is desired in the intimate areas of their relationship. For some men and their partners, a larger penis equals greater pleasure.


A desire to increase penis size is perhaps the reason most men do penile exercises, although it’s debatable as to whether this is the best reason.

Some men on our penis forums have shared stories where they had been sneered at by ex-girlfriends for their size, or even mocked and laughed at. If this is the case for you, realize that best approach to take is that penis health should always come first. Let the gains come with time.

Other men may have an average or even an above average sized penis, and yet they want more. In fact, in a penis enlargement survey of 1000 men, the average starting size was dead-on with the leading statistics for the average overall penis size (6X5).

Wanting more of a good thing is normal and obtainable by following the penis enhancement methods, guidelines, and suggestions here in the PEGym.


The good news is that regardless of what causes men to turn to the PEGym, penis enlargement and improved penis health can be accomplished with dedication, consistency, and an effective plan. The question for men isn’t “Why should I PE?,” the question should be, “Why not PE?

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