Penis Creep & Its Scientific Implications

Penis Creep and Its Scientific Implications

This is the first installment of one of the Pro PEers; Saiyan22, and his thoughts on how to make REAL PE GAINS! The idea is is that of “penis creep” and this article discusses how to induce penis creep, and the importance of the role penis creep plays when it comes to making permanent penis enlargement gains. This article parallels closely our newest article by Dr. Richard Howard II, entitled “Penis Collagen”.

Penis Creep and Its Scientific Implications

PENIS CREEP: The effects of plastic deformation is permanent

You might have recently read the newest article “Penis Collagen” by Dr. Richard Howard II. Well, this article helps to explain how to employ the changes, controlled damage, and desired deformation of the collagen structures of the penis that Dr. Howard has laid out in his last article.

See,for smooth muscle tissue and penis collagen to reach the plastic phase it has to go through the penis creep phase first. Penis “Creep” is when soft tissue stretches past it’s elastic limit but, at first, this effect is temporary. Once the load that induces penis creep goes away then soft tissue reverts back to it’s normal size.

What we as PEers are tying to accomplish is constantly inducing penis creep with tension and stretch force on the tunica and ligs, whether it’s from clamping, penis hanging, penis extending, jelqing or penis pumping.

Repeated Bouts of Penis Creep-Induced Tension in the Presence of Heat

With repeated bouts of “penis creep” induced tension in the presence of heat, the molecular bonds in the soft tissue will eventually weaken and break and remodel at a new stretch or expanded size resulting in permanent tissue change and deformation. Once structural remodeling takes place of the newly deform tissue then the elastic limit of the tissue increases to a new threshold.

Through plastic deformation, we are creating new tissue mass and greater elasticity in our tunica and ligs. When the tunica generates more raw tissue mass and elasticity through plastic deformation then obviously the tunica will now be able to fill up with more blood before reaching it’s elastic limit and pressurizing into a rigid erection.

This will result in a bigger penis since the newly deformed tuncia’s blood holding limit is now greater then before. I break PE done into to types of PE. There’s internal tunica stretching exercises and external tunica stretching exercises.

Importance of Tunica and Ligs with Penis Creep

When it comes to PE and penis creep, it’s all about stretching of the tunica and ligs. Even when you are clamping or jelqing it’s still a form of stretching because the blood that’s being pushed into the penis during these exercises is increasing the internal pressure in the penis which is stretching the tunica outwards for girth gains. So I look at girth exercises like clamping as internal stretching of the tunica.

The blood is what’s being used internally to stretch the tunica outwards. Internal tunica stretching exercises require blood. The blood engorgement is what’s building the pressure inside of the penis that’s stretching the tunica in all directions for girth. Examples of internal tunica stretching exercises are, clamping, pumping, jelqing and erect bends.

External Tunica and Penis Creep

Now when it comes to external tunica stretching exercises this is when no blood is required to stretch the tunica. External tunica stretching exercises is when an outside force is being placed on the penis to stretch the tunica directly without using blood to build up any internal pressure.

Examples of external tunica stretching exercises are manual stretches and hanging which hits the ligs as well. So all in all PE is about deforming the tunica and ligs though stretch force. Internal tunica stretching exercises like jelqs require blood and external stretching exercises like hanging require no blood.

Something Else To Consider About Penis Enlargement

Another thing I want you guys to understand even though I said this before on that link that aidan784 set up to my science thread. When you do PE you are not growing your penis or stimulating your penis to “grow”.

Many men loosely use the term “grow” when discussing penis enlargement, but mentally I find it important to consider not using this word “grow” because sorry fellas,  it just doesn’t work that way. Once you are completely done with puberty which is around 20 to 23 years of age then that’s it my brothers. The fat lady has sung. Your dick ain’t growing any more. What you have at the age of 23 is all mother nature or your genetic make up has in store for you when it comes to growth.

At this point you can enlarge your penis through PE. Not “grow” your penis, but ENLARGE your penis. This will be done by plastic deformation and structural remodeling of soft tissues of the penis.

Importance of Time-Under-Tension for Penis Creep

Another thing that I have talked about is treating the penis like any other skeletal muscle in the body that can grow from exercise. Sorry fellas but it doesn’t work that way either. The penis does have smooth muscle in it but not the kind of muscle that can be stimulated for growth through workouts like lets say your chest or biceps. Doesn’t work that way at all. The tissues in the penis deform from stress/ time under tension.

That’s all there is to it.


Hypothetical Bob and How Penis Creep Is Used to Break a Plateau

Let’s use an imaginary guy named Bob. Let’s say Bob has been doing manual stretches and jelqs for 2 years and has gained 1 inch in length and .25 in girth in over that 2 year period. Now let’s say Bob has reached a plateau and can’t gain another centimeter to save his life because his ligs and tunica have toughen up and adapted to the tension that Bob’s hands were putting on his penis.

Now lets say Bob changes up his penis exercise and starts hanging and clamping. Now after 6 months, Bob has broke out of his plateau and gain another half inch in length and a half inch in girth. The reason Bob broke out of his plateau is not because he changed his exercises to keep his penis guessing so to say.

Bob broke out of his plateau because he is now applying the right amount of load and time under tension to yield the penis creep necessary for plastic deformation to continue. The hanging and clamping is providing Bob’s penis more load and time under tension then the manual stretches and jelqing that he was doing before, thus providing the penis creep necessary to further the penis enlargement process and break his plateau.

Whether you are jelqing, clamping, pumping, stretching, or hanging. It’s all about load and time under tension. Plastic deformation is time and load dependent to cause the necessary penis creep.

These are the principles that I use during my PE workouts.

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  1. your the black guy who made me insecure about my dick because you were only .4 inches longer then me and I had a thicker one. Then you went to 9.5 inches.

    Still I haven’t gained but have hardly worked it out

  2. Really appreciate the scientific perspective. I’m currently in undergraduate mechanical engineering, and we learn about stress and strain day in and out. In theory, one could go as far as to compute a young’s modulus for the penis (my ballpark estimate is about 70-100 kPa or so).

    The only thing that differs from regular stress/strain curves is the area reduction / poisson’s ratio. This must mean that more material is in fact added to the penis to create this obvious change in volume.

    Personally, I’d like to hear a biomedical engineer’s perspective on this as well. I have never studied much about human tissues, but rather girders and bolts and such – with dislocation densities and slip systems and such. I figure the human body is fairly different; I’d like to know more.

    Anyhow, thanks for a great post.

  3. Finally PEgym has a plastic deformation article. This helped me gain .25″ Just out of the blue, it could also be that I had been clamping for 3 months with little or no gains at 10 minutes a set. Switched to 13 minutes and a couple of more sets and there I was. All thanks to plastic deformation and tension over time.

    Great job on this! 🙂

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