Penis Enlargement: Just Another Form of Vanity? (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)


Penis Enlargement: Just Another Form of Vanity? (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

Penis Enlargement: Just Another Form of Vanity?

The following was taken directly from a “Question and Answer” exchange:


To me there is a bit of irony in your profession and your view on sex, if you truly feel the way you do about sex, then why do you do what you do… if you feel men don’t need a bigger penis or learn how to use it better, then why do you teach men both of these things? I feel like your point of view on sex and what you do for a living just don’t match.

I understand where you’re coming from, and I completely agree. Sex has been skewed in America by the media and, yes, I fell for it; I admit that. But, even with that said, it’s nice to have a good-sized penis and know how to use it…don’t you think so? It’s like a man wanting to be fit or get muscles, so they go to the gym. If a woman wants to have a fit body, with firmer legs and ass, they go to gym to do so. I feel men getting or wanting a bigger penis is no different. Why can women pay to get bigger boobs and ass and us as men have to stay with the penis size we were born with?

As I earlier said, I totally agree with your view on sex today, but do you think it’s wrong for me or anyone for that matter to want a bigger penis and learn how to use it like a porn star and learn how to please most women? I think sex is a beautiful thing. Even though I agree I am one of those you speak of falling for the idea of having to be like a porn star to be great in bed, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to be one.

That’s one of the things I wanted ever since I was in my early teens and just decided to do something about it now. Though I hurt myself bad, I thought you’d be the one to 1) help me heal as fast as possible 2) help me get the perfect size and stamina I always wanted. It’s like asking you to train me at the gym to get the body I always wanted. As I said before, I don’t anything wrong with wanting that and/or wanting to please most women in the bedroom. I think you and I both know that a 5 1/2-inch penis that’s not thick at all on most girls won’t cut it.


It’s about perspective. Do you engage in self-improvement activities because you enjoy the challenge and benefits, or do you do it because you feel inferior and because you’re plagued by feelings of emotional inferiority? There’s nothing wrong with sex. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it’s important you put sex in the proper context of your life.

The TRUE irony about all of this is men who suffer from self-doubt often suffer from those sexual issues (or have them compounded) BECAUSE of the doubt itself! For those men, male enhancement can give them the confidence they need to make changes in other areas of their life. It allows them to get their foot in the door, so to speak. I still wish to help you with your training, but I also want you to feel emotionally whole, which is much more important than the mere pursuit of enlargement.

Imagine having the confidence about not worrying either way what someone else thinks and if they like it then more power to you. Having TRUE confidence can be much more impressive than merely having a large penis. You can have both, which covers the question you had mentioned in your first sentence. THIS is the part of my teaching I’ve been focusing more on, and I expect soon the coaching will focus exclusively on these and other more challenging projects.

Let’s get down to the essence of what I’m trying to talk to you about – the ego. While people’s youths have typically been defined as the time for the exploration of the ego, modern culture has perverted this into this monstrous idea where not only do you have to be perfect in order to be somebody, but you should be better than others, in order to rank above them. I can expand on this further and get into the sexual improprieties you’re expected to partake in, but surely you get the picture. You may be at an age where many young men strut around, show off and engage in reckless relationships and activities.

You feel deprived in some way, not only due to what you perceive to be a disability of some sort, but also due to how you’re expected to perform. By all means, as a human, on some level you’re going to feel cheated, but your particular situation presents you with a challenge, should you get through it.

You’ll become the type of person

1. Others will admire for their inner strength (surely, you’ve met people who may not have been physically attractive but exuded a presence or aura which seemed irresistible), and

2. You’ll be so emotionally strong you won’t be as prone to falling prey to emotional traps. That’s going to take YOU going inside yourself and confronting your fears and seeing them for what they are. Until you do that, issues will continue to pop up, and you’ll have one worry after another to keep you busy. Some men spend their entire lives caught in those types of traps.

Confidence is when you’re happy with yourself enough such that what others may think or say about you in a negative fashion isn’t able to truly affect you. This isn’t to say your feelings won’t be hurt, but you’ll understand the real issue is with the person making specific demands of you, not you. It’s all about the ego.

Working on going beyond the ego is a work in progress. Depending on where you’re at emotionally, some people need ego-strengthening to get them out of feelings of suicide. Confronting your fears and why you have them in the first place will help you get started. Valuing yourself above your physical/material attributes will also help.

Please allow me to be very clear when I say wanting to please others is NOT what I was referring to exactly. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that or wanting to be bigger, etc.; however, the problem arises when you think you have to do these things in order to be complete. This is especially true when those feelings of being incomplete are so powerful, they cause life-crippling effects. This is due to ego-driven FEAR, and it’s this particular issue I’m trying to help you get over.

What is stopping you from being able to perform? It’s the very thing we’re attempting to help you with, as described. Now, what if we rephrased your writing to something like: Imagine being free of the fear to be the best a potential sexual partner has ever had. Imagine being free enough to be able to let go of any anxieties enough so you can tap into passion, while you’re with someone. The sex is so intense and natural, and all you feel is pleasure – no hang ups, no worries – just pure enjoyment.

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