Penis Enlargement Takes Time

Penis Enlargement Takes Time

It’s always tempting to think that the results of exercise will be instantaneous. Just like any other workout regimen, though, achieving penis enlargement through exercise is a process that takes time and dedication.

Penis Enlargement Takes Time

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

– Tom Hubbard, creator of Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop, one of the first penis sites on the web.


Ignore the advertisements.  Ignore the spam.  Exercises don’t work overnight, and you can’t add 4 inches in 4 weeks. Faithfully adhering to your workout routine will speed up your penis enlargement time, but it won’t quite get you to your dream by next Tuesday.

No matter what you exercise — from your biceps to your penis — enlarging the body takes time, dedication, and hard work. You won’t find any formula for instant success here, or anywhere (so don’t pay anyone who promises overnight results!). What you will find are methods tested and proven time and time again to work for thousands of men.

Several men really have added cubic inches to their penis within the first few months. However, for many men it takes longer to see results. In any healthy workout routine, the body sets its own pace, and the only way you can maximize this pace is by steady work and taking care of your body along the way. If you want a bigger penis, this process will take time.

“Find a good, solid, and reputable PE (Penis Enlargement) program, and stick to it!” says AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, head personal trainer of Male Enhancement Coach.



It’s important to find the instructions that work the best for you, whether in print or video format, so that you can maximize your technique when doing penile exercises. Many men are visual learners, and would prefer to see exactly how penis enlargement techniques work by watching expert penis exercise videos. Others may prefer detailed instruction guides.

Our website offers a wide range of learning materials — videos, articles, and visual aids — so that no matter how you learn, you’ll find all the support you need.  You’ll also find advice from experts and support from the male enhancement community in our penis enlargement forums.


You may find it helpful to chart your workouts and your progress, and to connect with other men about issues or questions you have about your penis enlargement time or routine. Charting your progress and talking about your goals is a great way to stay focused and enthusiastic about your end result.

According to world-famous bodybuilder and fitness expert Arnold Schwartzenegger, “Positive thinking can be contagious. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner.

Just like talking with the tough guys can keep you motivated when you go to the regular gym, hearing other men’s stories of hard work and eventual success can push you to work through your own impatience and keep your mind on your goals.


Ultimately, only steady work and belief in your goals can speed up your penis enlargement time.

Says Schwartzenegger, “Most of the people I observed couldn’t make astonishing advances because they never had faith in themselves.”

Says Big Al, “Bottom line – Patience!”

They’re both right. Don’t worry about penis enlargement and the time it takes to see results.  Follow your dreams, work toward your goals, and your body will reward you.

This is the first installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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