Penis Exercises

Written by: Rob Michaels

PE Interview with TehDBare

Encourage yourFollowing is our next interview with one of’s amazing members, who has already begun to experience success along their penis enlargement journey and is willing to share their experience with and give their support to others, even if their …

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PE Interview with GoingForGold

interviewOne of the best things about is the community that’s developed here. For many, their penis enlargement journey is something they don’t share with family and friends. Therefore, an online community where they can ask questions, get information and …

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A Look Into the Future of PE

In the 1920s, Charles Atlas revolutionized the body building industry.Dr. Richard Howard currently consults in PE through He is a graduate of Loyola University, majoring in Biology and Economics, and Tulane University holding a Doctorate in Biochemistry and two Masters Degree in Biochemistry and Public Health. His biography …

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Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health

Adi-PE_Beautiful-Book-Cover-NEWThe bestselling book is called a “first of it’s kind” by doctors and a “must have” by experienced readers. 300 pages of information to help you gain more, faster. Exercise safely and avoid the common pitfalls. Now for under $20.