Assisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise

Following are step-by-step video instructions, followed by written instructions, on how to perform the Assisted A-Stretch. This penis enlargement exercise is a modified version of the A-Stretch. You’ll use a cylindrical object, such as a Red Bull can, a thick diameter PVC pipe, or even your own forearm (as you’ll see in the video) to perform this stretch.

Assisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise Video Instructions

Erection level: 0 to 50 percent

Recommended Reps: 5

Assisted A-Stretch Step-by-Step


The Exercise:
1. Grip the penis approximately one inch below the glans and pull straight out from the body.

2. Place the cylindrical object below the penis and stretch the penis over the object, while simultaneously pushing up on the object.

3. Hold for fifteen to twenty seconds.

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