Erect Bend Penis Exercise

Erect Bend Penis Exercise

Erect Bend: Penis Exercise

Warning:  Because of the intensity of erect bends, they should only be used by men who have been penis exercising for at least six month. Some men who have gone beyond their limit have injured themselves while performing the erect bend. Listen to the body  cues your body is giving you and progress slowly.

Erect Bend Penis Exercise Example 1:

Example 2:

Erection Level: 90 to 95 percent (do not do this exercise 100 percent erect).

Recommended Reps: 1 to 3

Erect Bend Step-by-Step

1. Hand One: Perform a tight OK-grip at the base of your penis.

2. Hand Two: Gently bend the penis downwards for ten to fifteen seconds. If you feel any pain, stop immediately.

3. Repeat the bend in the other directions–up, left, right.

Erect Bend Penis Exercise

Tip! The bend doesn’t have to be massive. Aim for smaller bends in the beginning until you learn your limit.


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  2. this works really well with penis width .. i did this with 90-100% erection with just easy light bends for 20mins and my penis was full and i could feel my chambers stretched out .. i will also say my penis had a light soreness feeling from the expanding of the chambers which means this workout worked .. whenever i say sore i don’t mean pain i mean the results of a good feeling stretch .. like the article says do light bends and know your limits … i don’t recommend this for people who can keep good firm erections since the workout is based off a bent erection

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