Horse Squeeze: Learn How to do this Penis Exercise

Step-by-step instructions and videos of the Horse Squeeze.

Horse Squeeze Video

Erection level: 95 percent
Recommended Reps: 20

Horse Squeeze Step-by-Step

This exercise uses two hands. Your penis will need to be lubricated to do the Uli.

1. Hand 1: Form a tight overhand OK-grip at the base of your penis.

2. Hand 2: Form a small OK-grip, no larger than a dime.

horse squeeze penis exercise

3. Hand 2: Slowly slide the dime-size grip over the glans and towards the base. Don’t rush this process. It should take fifteen to thirty seconds for you to get to the base hand.

horse squeeze penis exercise

horse squeeze penis exercise








Tip! For extra intensity: once your second hand reaches the base hand, you can squeeze both hands at the base of the penis for an additional 30 seconds.

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19 thoughts on “Horse Squeeze: Learn How to do this Penis Exercise

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    • No, with a 440horse squeeze you don’t slide down the base, you just squeeze it in place and hold for 30 seconds or more.

      Both hands will be squeezing at this point to keep the blood trapped in between the gland (head) of the penis and the base of the penis

      What a 440horse squeeze does is expands the whole girth as a whole from the bottom of the head to the base, while the regular horse squeeze is used for adding girth to the base because you are forcing blood to the base of your penis.

      And if you want a complete girth exercise that works from the gland (head) to the base, then you would use the Uli for that purpose.

  4. Im a starter so im not very sure how this works. But when my left hand reaches the tip of my penis, do i bring it back to the base or do i start another rep? someone help

  5. This looks like a great exercise but can we also have another video and illustration pictures for those who are not cut? Not everybody is uncut and for those who are uncut things works a bit different!

      • I am uncut, but to me what you would do is pull back the skin first to expose your head and then use the ok sign at the under the head to continue with the exercise.

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