Jelqing: What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis!

The jelq is the backbone of every other penis enlargement exercise floating around on the Internet. If your goal is to improve the size and hardness of your penis, the jelq is the place to start! The best part? Jelqing is SUPER-easy and requires absolutely no equipment, other than your hand and free time!

NOTE: The video below is an instructional video on how to do the basic jelq. This video includes frontal nudity and may not be suitable for all audiences. Please consider this, before clicking play.

Scroll down to learn more about the jelq.

Written by Kimberly Wylie

What is the Jelq?

What is jelqing?

  • Jelqing is a penis enlargement exercise – Men have added up to 2 inches in length and girth, with dedicated  jelqing exercise routines.
  • Jelqing uses a “milking”-like motion – Jelqs are done for 5 – 20 minutes a day, 2 – 5 days a week.*
  • Jelqing is a  safe male enhancement exercise – When performed correctly, with proper warm-up and cool down and not overdone, it is completely safe. It can help you reach your male enhancement goals, including penis enlargement, as well as improvement of erection hardness.

How to Get Started Jelqing


Basic jelqing involves a very simple process accomplished in a simple, fluid motion. * Note: Do not start jelqing until you read all of the important jelqing FAQs, warnings, and tips below. 

How to Jelq – Step-by-Step:

  1. LUBRICATE: Before you start, lubricate your penis with baby oil, vaseline, or another penis lubricant like Bathmate’s Max Out Jelqing Serum (preferred).

  2. ERECTION LEVEL: Bring your penis erection level to 50 – 75 percent by slightly stroking your penis. The penis should be relaxed enough that it’s easy to push blood through it. NEVER perform jelqing exercises with a full erection.

  3. OK-GRIP: Use your thumb and main pointer finger to form an OK-grip (see the guide above for an example).

  4. START AT BASE: Place the grip around the base of your penis, as close to your pubic bone as you can.

  5. MOVE UP: With light pressure on the grip, slowly move it up your penis. The ideal jelqing pressure is one that does not hurt, but effectively pushes blood up the penis.

  6. STOP BEFORE GLANS: Stop the grip directly before it reaches your glans. You have just completed one jelq! Each jelq should take approximately 2 to 3 seconds.

  7. REPEAT: Once you’re done with one jelq, take your other hand and repeat the process.

You can find more jelqing videos on our Jelq Video page or get more information on jelq variations on our Jelqing Table of Contents.



Does Jelqing Really Work?

A question we often get asked is:

“Does jelqing actually work? I mean does the jelq really enlarge the penis?”
The answer is . . .

Yes! Yes, jelqing works for penis enlargement!

Though medical institutions have not devoted research to studying the effectiveness of jelqing, a number of certified professionals have, including Dr. Richard Howard. Additionally, thousands of men in our penis forums have reported success with dedicated jelqing routines.

Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pumps

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Dr Howard jelqing Quote does jelqing work

Jelqing Study

As mentioned, regretfully, there have been very few scientific studies on the effectiveness of jelqing. It’s not surprising, medical studies are expensive and there’s little money to be made if a study proves that jelqing is an effective means of penis enlargement.

However, one jelqing study was conducted by Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD. Eight participants were trained in jelqing and supervised measurements were taken. After 3 months, the results were:

  • Average length increase 0.13 inches.
  • Average girth increase  0.30 inches.

Read more about Dr. Ferrara’s jelqing study.

What is a Good Basic Jelqing Penis Enlargement Routine?

Following is a basic jelq routine, perfect for those beginning penis enlargement. For more advanced routines, check out our Jelqing Exercise Table of Contents for a variety of more advanced jelqs.

Do the following routine 2 to 3 times a week to start. Shoot for every other day at first, then advance toward five days on, 2 days off.

* Don’t exceed more than 5 days straight.
Your body needs to rest, to allow it to create the new cells for growth.
And, don’t try to progress too quickly.
Rushing the intensity and/or number of days you jelq can lead to injury.

Time Exercise
5 minutes Warm Up
5 minutes Penis Stretches
10 minutes Basic Jelq
5 minutes Warm Down

Stronger Erections Means it’s Working!

When you start experiencing stronger erections, that’s a very good sign!

Like all exercising, your penis gets bigger and harder by adapting to the stress of the jelqing exercise. To keep the growth, you’ll have to gradually increase the intensity overtime.


What Erection Level Should I Jelq at?Start Jelqing With a 50-75 Percent Erection Level

Start jelqing with a 50 – 75 percent erection level. Erection erection hardness scalepercentages are approximations.

  • Don’t get hung up on exact figures.
  • Think – jelqing between a Level 2 (peeled banana) and Level 3 (unpeeled banana), per the EAU Erection Hardness Scale.
  • The point is to avoid full erections when jelqing initially, until you build up to it.

Why Can’t I Start Off with a Full Erection to Jelq?

You don’t go to the gym the first day and start by lifting 300 lbs, do you? It’s the same thing for jelqing. However, with jelqing it’s not your back which will give out!

How Do I Warm Up or Cool Down with Jelqing?

Again, let’s use the bodybuilding analogy. Warming up before you exercise and cooling down afterward both help you prevent injury and ensure you get the most from your workout. The same is true for penis exercises like jelqing! Five to 10 minutes before you jelq, warm up your penis, to get it loose and ready for more strenuous exercise.

Here are some great ways to warm up before yourBathmate Penis Pump warm up for jelqing jelqing routine:

  • Wrap a warm hand towel or washcloth around your penis.
  • Take hot shower.
  • Use a heating pad.
  • Use a warmed up rice-filled sock.
  • Use a Bathmate penis pump.

The Bathmate is a penis pump you can use either in or out of the bath or shower, and is great for not only warming up, but increasing penis size as well. Many men have reported success by adding it to their jelq routine.

Can I Use a Penis Extender and Jelq?

PEXtender by PEGym Penis Extender Set No Pump

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Jelqing is often the first penis exercise men start with. It’s easy and a great way to start your penis enlargement journey. However, if you want to maximize your penis enlargement efforts, using a penis extender can complement jelqing. Extenders, like the PEXtender by PEGym and the Phallosan Forte, are worn for several hours a day. The PEXtender’s unique design allows men to wear it under normal, every day clothing, even jeans, while they go about their day. It’s even so comfortable, many men wear it while they sleep at night.

phallosan forte bigger penis

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What Lubricant Should I Use to Jelq?

bathmate max out jelqing serum

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Lubricants can help you get the most from your jelqing routine by reducing friction. There are a variety of lubricants on the market (as seen in the chart below). However,

NEVER use shampoo or body soap as a lubricant, as the scents can become an irritant to the delicate skin of the penis.

Bathmate’s Max Out is one of the best lubricants you can use to jelq. This new addition to the Bathmate lineup of products is specifically formulated to enhance your penis enlargement workout, to get the most out of every jelq. With Max Out you’ll reach your penis enlargement goals faster than ever!

Read our full review at our article Personal Lubricants: The Best and the Worst Lubricants for Penis Exercises.

lubricant chartWhat is Dry Jelqing?

Dry jelqThe Dry Jelq, or jelqing without lube, may cause some chafing but it’s easy to do in discrete places like the shower and requires less clean-up time. The process for dry jelqing is the same as the basic jelq.

Dry Jelq Tip:
Try using a lighter grip than when you jelq without lube,
to help prevent chafing when you dry jelq.

Come on, Baby, Just the Tip(s)!

The Proper Jelqing Angle

The angle you use to jelq depends on which part of the penis you want to stretch. Jelq down to stretch the ligaments downward while jelqing (which also increases length). It’s recommended you change it up to stretch the penis and ligaments in all directions – down, up, left, and right are all variations on the basic jelq.

Jelqing Stroke Time

Start by jelqing at a rate of about 3 seconds per stroke. As you advance, you increase the stroke time to between 5 and 10 seconds, for a more intense jelq. You can also do a quicker jelq (1 to 2 seconds per stroke), to keep the penis guessing, much like muscle confusion workouts in bodybuilding.

Change Up the Grip

ok hand sign jelqing jelqTo ensure you’ve evenly jelqed the entire circumference of your penis, don’t be afraid to change the positioning of your OK-grip.

  • Change from the standard, palm up grip, to the overhand OK-grip, with your palm down.
  • Or rotate the grip slightly to the left and right throughout your session.

Avoid Over and Under Training –

Over training can lead to injury. Think about it. If you had just started running and had only had a few runs under your belt, if you went out and ran 15 miles, chances are you’d be incredibly sore the next day. Or worse! You could really do damage to your body!

The same is true of over training with penis exercises. It’s not worth an injury from a too intense or too long session. You can also over train by not taking sufficient rest days.

Under training is also an issue. Under training comes from doing the same routine day-after-day, not using the right intensity or not performing the exercise consistently.

overtraining jelq jelqing

Jelq Variations

There are several variations you can try to maximize your gains. These include:4 jelqing variations: side jelq, v-jelq, 1-handed jelq, and mini jelqs

  • Side Jelq – The side jelq is awesome at helping to correct penis curve. Jelq against the curve, at a slightly higher erection level. Side jelqs are also great girth builders. Check out Side Jelqs for more information.
  • V-Jelq – The V-jelq puts pressure on the sides of the penis shaft. It’s called a “V-jelq” because you make a V with your index and middle finger. With your palm facing upward, jelq with this V upward. Check out V-Jelqs for more information.
  • One-Handed Jelq – As the name implies, you only use one hand with the one-handed jelq. Do a ULI at the base, before each jelq stroke, if you want a more intense jelq and are an advanced jelqer. Check out One-Handed Jelqs for more information.
  • Mini-Jelqs – Mini jelqs are done to the weaker side of the penis. They are designed to target this weaknes and correct any curvature. Check out Mini Jelqs for more information.

What are Jelq Devices?

Power J Jelq Tool

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Jelq simulators are devices designed to assist you with your jelq routine. Jelq simulators are great if you have issues with hand strength and help ensure you have even pressure on your penis.

Check out our article What are the Benefits of a Jelq Simulator for more details about jelqing devices.

Jelqing tools like the Power J Gym are specially designed to maximize each and every jelq. Meaning you’ll get more length and girth benefits from your jelqing routine with this jelq device than from just doing jelqs with your hand.  PLUS – you’ll minimize the friction on your skin, meaning less chance of discomfort, especially if you’re doing a high number of jelqs.

Jelqing FAQS

How does jelqing work?

pros and cons of jelqing

Jelqing works by forcing blood through the penis, which is made of 50 percent smooth muscle. This force increases the internal pressure and creates micro-tears in the smooth muscle and other tissues.

Just like building muscle in any other part of your body, through this controlled damage and then rebuilding, the smooth muscle grows. With the penis, this results in increased length and girth.penis structure

How long will it take to see results from jelqing?

Everyone is different, so how long it takes you to see results depends not only on the effort you put into your jelqing routine, but also your own person physiology. Some members have reported seeing flaccid results in just a couple of weeks, while other report measurable results in four months.

Most men begin to see results in the first month. However, if you haven’t noticed results after 2 to 3 months, we recommend talking to a penis exercise professional on our forums.

Are jelqing results permanent?

Jelqing results are permanentThe best news? Your penis enlargement results from jelqing are permanent! You’ve created that new tissue, through the process of the jelq, and it’s yours to keep and enjoy.

This is due to the fact that every time you get an erection you’re getting light penis exercise, so it’s easy for your penis to maintain the gains. Just make sure you do a cementing routine and get plenty of erections – remember: use it, or lose it!

Is Jelqing Safe?

worried jelqing effectsIf you follow basic precautions, like warming up before you begin to jelq, listening to your body cues, and avoiding over training, then jelqing is completely safe.

However, as with any exercise, you may experience some less than desirable side effects if you jelq incorrectly, don’t warm-up or over train by doing too many reps too quickly or jelging at too high of an intensity, before your body is ready for that intensity level.

These side effects may include:

  • The Baseball Bat Effect
  • The Donut Effect
  • Red Spots or Discoloration

The Baseball Bat Effect

jelqing baseball bat effectWith the Baseball Bat Effect, the penis begins to look like a bat, with the head becoming the biggest part of the penis. The best thing you can do to prevent the Baseball Bat Effect is to jelq properly.

Also, when you jelq, make sure you are jelqing your entire penis – not just the upper part of the shaft. Start at the very base of your pubic bone and stop directly before the head.

The Donut Effect

jelqing donut effectThe donut effect can happen after long or intense jelqing sessions. During this time, fluid is pushed toward the glans, collecting in a ring just below the glans, looking like a donut.

For uncircumcised men, this usually results in the foreskin swelling. In both cases, the swelling is only temporary and will go away after a few hours.

Red Spots or Discoloration

Red spots from jelqingOne of the most common side effects of jelqing are reddish spots or dots appearing on the penis. These spots are the result of tiny burst capillaries and usually go away within 24 to 48 hours. However, this is a sign you were not properly warmed up before jelqing or built intensity too quickly.

Take it easy next time,
and everything will be OK!

The Verdict

Many men have made penis enlargement and increasing their penis health a goal. From all the options available to men, penis exercises, like the jelq, have proven to be the most dependable and successful way to reach those goals.

There is no magic fix to instantly show gains.

But if you dedicate yourself to jelqing and penis exercise education, safe and successful results can be achieved.

penis survey


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Kimberly Wylie

21 thoughts on “Jelqing: What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis!

  1. Jelqing doesnt work, its not that simple!!!!

    The 2 penis chambers called corpus cavernosa is what determines your penis size. You just need to increase blood flow to the open spaces inside those chambers – this will stimulate muscles located there and your penis will simply become bigger!

    Read this article for more info about how exactly to do it:

    This is probably tho only solution that is proven and that WORKS!

  2. Hi. Nice Post. If You Want More Information Regarding Best Herbal Penis Growth Medicine Without Surgery. sikander-e-azam plus It Is The Best Penis Growth Medicine In Unani And Herbal Therapy. It Is A Very Impressive Treatment For Penis Growth.

  3. Hi every One. I have been started my Jelqing Exercise since 20 days. So I am a biggener. I am feeling just a fewer thick skin on my shaft in flaccid no change has been occurred in erected cock. My exercise structure is given below
    1. Dip my flaccid penis into a Glass of Hot Water for 1 minut
    2. Start jelq with ovile oil lubrication from Milking (50 reps) include stretching down (40-50% erection)
    3. 50 reps in front side 90 degree angel double handed (50-60% erection)
    4. 100 reps in right side because my cock has a left sided curve (60-70% erection)
    5. 50 reps pulling up jelqs(50-60% erection)
    6. Relaxe my penis for 20 seconds and start masturbate for 1 mint without ejaculation.
    Can any expert person will tell me that I am doing right every thing? or tell me about area of Improvements?

    my current cock size : BPEL=6.2″, PEL= 5.2″ and erected GIRTH is 4.5″
    my goal is BPEL=7″ , PEL= 6″ and erected girth 5.2″
    Please help me any one i need right suggestions

    • sam6505 – These are great questions. Please go to the Forums tab at the top of the page – then go to the Beginner’s Forum. This is a great place to post your questions and get lots of advice from other members.

  4. my dick size is 4.5″. i’m jelqinq for almost 1 month but not consistently. maybe i have gained 0.5cm. i will try this for atleast 2 more month and if i wont see gain of 2cm i will give up jelqing

  5. Hi.. i got a problem with jelqs somehow i jelqed only right penis side , so that part is bigger than left..because when i try with left hand jelq my dick left side i feel that my right side is work but not left.. 🙁 now i have to ask WHAT EXERCISES BEST FOR ONLY LEFT DICK SIDE? help please , thanks for the answers..

  6. albertoculoabierto,

    For your jelqs you should be adding a few reps per session. If you’re capable of 50 reps with ease, then add 2-3 rep per session until you get to 100 reps.

    To get an idea of what’s possible with training, check out what some of our best gainers have accomplished with the following Client Study:

    For maintaining your gains please read the section in the recommended Beginner’s Guide titled “Maintaining Your Gains”- it’ll cover what you need to know about cementing your progress:

    If you’re uncut, using extra lubrication or holding back your foreskin with your non-stroking hand should work in allowing you to train unencumbered.

    Right now, you shouldn’t need any devices- though if you wanted to use the BathMate as a warm up/warm down it would be acceptable.

    Reserve your ejaculations for training or live sexual activity only. Frivolous masturbation can deplete the libido and cause negative conditioning.

    If you need guidance for your training please consider our MeCoach Service at . Thanks!

    • i have been masturbating for a continuous 10 straight hours while i was on meth..similar to jelqing as my penis was i am feeling some kind of weird pain as if some veins have been damaged inside due to streching my penis..can someone help is this case please???

  7. Hi! I just started jelqing a week ago and i have a couple of questions for the community:

    – My Routine is jelqing 1 day resting the next: a hot water warm up and then 50 jelqs, I will probably step it up after 2 weeks or so to 100 jelqs. Is everything ok with that?

    – My objective is 8×7, so just under 2″ gain in length and girth, will i be able to achieve that in 6 or 7 months? And how do i make the results more permanent?

    – Im not uncircumcised I’ve read there are some inconveniences jelqing uncut, like what?

    – Do I need anything else like those bathmates? Because I won’t buy anything, can i reach my goals only with consistent jelqing?

    please answer all question i have researched but i prefer if someone experienced answers directly to me… Thanks 😉

  8. I have been jelquing for 3 months now, I’ve jelqued every other day for 2 months, and for the past month I’ve been jelquing 5 days and 2 days off. I do warm up with hot water in the shower, streaching, 15 minutes of jelquing and warm down in the shower.
    I also do kegel every other day.

    Not a singe difference 🙁
    I was hoping for atleast 1 centimeter by now, but it is exactly the same in size, with visible girth for a few hours after a jelquing session, but then it passes. I do have stronger erections though, so atleast I got that, and I do think I last a bit longer.

    What am I doing wrong ? What should I change ?

    • StefanP – there could be several reasons why you haven’t seen any changes. Just like any other exercise – intensity, consistency, quantity, exercise variety, and your unique body physiology could all be a factor. Also, jelqing alone may simply not be enough. Again, think of it this way — if you were looking to lose weight, simply doing sit ups likely wouldn’t give you the results you wanted.

      Definitely give this a read — — it has all of the information you need to get started effectively, including our most popular beginner’s routine and videos on how to do the most popular exercises.

      I also would encourage you to visit our Beginner’s Forum — — we have lots of members who can help you with any questions you have.

      • Ok, so it’s been 2 months since I’ve started doing my jelqs the way described in the link you gave me, I’ve read everyhing about it and have tried them all. It’s been just over 5 months since I’ve started doing jelqing and there is absolutely no difference (a small girth maybe , but that is more like a swelling that goes away after the 2 day pause).

        Not only that, but yesterday on my 20ish jelq, I felt a small stinging sensation on my uretra and blood came out of the penis as I completed the jelq (the intensity was not that high, I was not squeezing that hard) …

        So I guess this past 5+ months were tehnically a waste of time, so I will stop before I hurt myself even more.

        Jelqing did not work for me.

        • penis extender have been practically proven. i think combining traction device, jelqing and pumping will give results otherwise jelqing alone can give gain of max 1-2cm or zero

  9. This is a great article. I wish I had found it first! I have been Jelqing for about a month, and while I haven’t noticed any drastic changes, my lady has complained that I am “ripping her apart”, she even said “is your dick getting bigger?”. I never thought about a warm up/cool down, but it makes a lot of sense. I’m going to align my routine with the guidelines here and hopefully that will get me the results I’m looking for! I also have to reiterate “Take it easy, Buck Rogers!”. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and frantically yanking the hell out of your MVP is going to do more harm than good. My gauge is go as hard as you can, without causing pain, I’ll accept a small amount of discomfort, but no pain!

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