Internal Stretch Penis Exercise

The Internal Stretch focuses on stretching the inner penis—the part of the penis that is inside the body.

Internal Stretch Penis Exercise Video Instructions:

Erection level: 0 to 50 percent.

Recommended Reps: 5

Internal Stretch Step-by-Step

The Exercise: This exercise uses two hands.

1. Sit down and spread your legs apart.

2. Hand 1: Place an OK-grip around your penis and your scrotum. This grip should be at the base, with your penis and testicles hanging out of the grip. Don’t grip the actual testicles.

3. Hand 1: Stretch your penis and testicles straight up, towards your head.

4. Hand 2: Simultaneously grip your penis an inch below the glans and also pull straight up.

5. Hold both hands in place for twenty to thirty seconds

For a different variation of this exercise: See this thread from our penis forums (posted by user “Russ”).

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  1. I would go for thirty second rests, but then again, I’m sure everyone is different, plus there isn’t a specific time between reps that I can see at the moment.

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