Kegel Start/Stop

man urinating on the toilet - kegel start stop

The method used to find your pelvic floor muscle—stopping your urine mid flow—is actually an exercise in itself. Each time you stop urinating mid-flow, you’re actually exercising your pelvic floor muscles and doing a version of the kegel exercise.

kegel start stop - man urinating

From this point on, every time you go to the restroom, stop peeing mid-flow and restart at least three times. Don’t be shy though; if you have the time (and the urine) to start/stop six, seven, and even eight times in one session, then go for it.

The kegel start/stop is not only good for building stronger pelvic floor muscles, but it also continually reminds you of where your pelvic floor muscles are. This is a good benefit because it often takes a while to fully get the hang of Kegeling.


  1. I’ve heard both actually. As for me, I usually start stop about 90% of the time that I go pee. Does it help, yes. I like it, because you will always have to pee at some point and it’ll be a reminder to do kegels. Sometimes I’ll forget to just “do them” throughout the day. Be careful though. If you kegel too much it’ll make you extra sensitive at first and you’ll come quick if you havne’t had time to recover. Found that one out the hard way. I did too much too soon. I was kegeling every damn where. lol Kegels mixed with masturbation works well too. Do it until just before you’re about to come then stop and kegel for as hard and long as you can to “try” to stop yourself from coming. You may miss it a few times, but when you get your timing down, you’ll stop your orgasm and can go a while longer. do the same thing with sex and you’ll be a stud in no time.. so yes, they work. good luck

  2. It can also make your penis bounce, nod or dance up and down if you practice this without peeing. I have also heard that you should try to hold the restriction (either peeing or refraining) for as long as possible to increase stamina. Has anyone else heard of this, or am I pissing into the wind sporadically at three second intervals?

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