One-Handed Jelq

Jelqing is one of the most effective, natural methods of penis enlargement. The jelq originated in the ancient Middle East and has been used for more then a millenia, by men wanting to increase their penis length and girth.

As with all jelqing exercises, please follow basic safety precautions, including: warming up prior to jelqing, NEVER jelq on a fully erect penis, and listen to your body cues. Start off slowly and be consistent, and soon you’ll see the positive results jelqing can give!

One-Handed Jelq/Jelqing Videos

Step-by-step video instructions of the One-Handed Jelq.

Example 1: One-Handed Jelq Video

 Example 2: One-Handed Jelq Video


5 thoughts on “One-Handed Jelq

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  2. The one handed method is also an excellent way of resolving mild curvatures. Simply use the hand OPPOSITE the curve exclusively for a few weeks to note the difference.

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  4. i dont understand. in these videos the model is doing like 1 second strokes. Is it ok to do strokes at this speed or 2 to 3 seconds still the ideal speed. Ive been jelqing for 2 months.

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