Penile Slapping Penis Exercise

Step-by-step instructions of Penile/Penis Slapping penis exercise.

Penile Slapping Penis Exercise Example 1:

Penile Slapping Penis Exercise Example 2:

Penile Slapping Step-by-Step





12 thoughts on “Penile Slapping Penis Exercise

  1. This exercise should be done with a semi-erection.

    It’s good for finishing a workout and for light girth enhancement.

    Start with 200-300 repetitions, and work up to 2000-3000, 3 time a week. This is not as daunting as it sounds, considering that you can perform 2-3 repetitions or more per second.

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  3. I got huge flaccid gains because off this. Its what convinced me that none mechanical PE was real, after being failed by the jelq.

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