R’s Jelq Routine


For men who’d like to perform penis enlargement / male enhancement exercises without any specialized equipment, jelqing is one of the best exercises you can do. The jelq was developed in the Middle East, more than a thousand years ago, and has been used since this time by men seeking penis enlargement.

R’s Jelq Routine has the same safety precautions as any other jelqing routine — warm up before you begin, listen to your body when jelqing, and never jelq with your penis fully erect. Also, as will all penis exercises, starting off slowly and gradually building your routine is both the safest and most effective way to your penis enlargement goals.

R’s Jelq Routine Jelqing Video

“R” was the nicknake of a former client of Male Enhancement Coach

This particular version of the jelq differs from a normal jelqing exercise with the upward, quick stroke (as opposed to the slower strokes pointed downward).  With R’s jelqing routine, it’s recommended that you jelq for time.


  1. Sometimes with an erect jelq, the blood fills up near the head and because too full and painful to jelq all the way to the bottom of the head. I’m i jelqing with to tight of a grip? Or should I stop in mid shaft and switch hands starting the jelq movement over?

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