The V-Jelq is a variation of the basic jelqing exercise. It also combines jelqing with stretching. Users have noted it’s an excellent exercise specifically for building a larger glans, in addition to penis enlargement — both length and girth.

Please Note: NEVER jelq with a full erection. The V-jelq should be performed with a a 30 to 60 percent erection.

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Jelqing Exercise the V-Jelq:

  1. Use the OK-grip, and pull straight up on your penis.
  2. Hold the jelq at the glans for one to two seconds, release just before you start the next jelqing move with your other hand.
  3. The next jelq, jelq straight up and to the left.
  4. The third jelq, jelq straight up and to the right.
  5. All three of these jelqs equals one rep.
  6. Continue jelqing for up to 30 reps.



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