The Head Swell: Maximize Your Penis Extender Gains

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Written by Calixto

This section covers a particular phenomenon that can occur while wearing a penis extender called a “head-swell”. It is now believed by many that the head-swell helps to optimize penis shaft length gains while wearing a penis extender. However, some disagree or say that a head-well is not necessary for making gains when using a penis extender. Nonetheless, this article focuses on how to get and maintain a head-well while wearing a penis extender.

The Head Swell maximize your penis extender gains

What is a Head-Swell?

Best defined, a “Head-Swell” is a blood-engorged glans that occurs while wearing a penis extender which allows the penis extender to be worn at appropriate tension levels. Appropriate tension is best defined as enough tension so that there is level of tightness in the middle of the penile shaft when the extender is properly worn with a head-swell.

A head-swell is also believed to help the penis from going cold or numb while wearing a penis extender, since it means that the glans will be full of blood. This is not proven, but I have noticed that indeed, a head-swell does seem to allow me to wear my extender for a longer amount of time without cold or numbness occurring.

I am a firm believer that using a penis extender is different for every man, and that it is not an exact science (yet). Each man must figure out what works best for him, but the ability to get a head-swell is a very good skill to possess if one is planning to use a penis extender.

How to Get a Head-Swell: Proper Application is Key

Let us review quickly how the extender is applied, which will segue into obtaining a head-swell. Remember, proper application is the first step to achieving a head-swell! You will begin to notice that the better you become at putting the extender on with a good deal of blood already in your glans, the easier and better your head-swells will be.

First, get about a 30% erection, and have your extender ready to apply. Now, do some helicopter shakes and make sure your penis is not at all “hard” per se, but is not turtled in any way either, and is moderately engorged with blood. Good, long and loose is what you want.

As a reference point, my penis will only stay like this for literally a matter of seconds before it loses all “flushed flaccid” characteristics which is why having you extender and any wrapping (gauze or cloth) ready to apply.

Head-Swell Focus

Put the extender on by grabbing mid shaft to a quarter length of the shaft from the glans and pull some loose skin of towards your glans in a somewhat jelqing fashion, keeping as much blood in your glans possible. At this point secure your fastening strap to the shaft.  Then secure the penis to the extender and cinch down this right side.

Now, having the right side somewhat pretty tightly fastened, unfasten the left side and re-fasten and re-tighten the left side of the extender. At this point, the left side is only barely secured to the extender to give you something to pull against when setting the initial right side.

Next, make a final adjustment to each side and when you can no longer pull the strap, you are “Strapped-In”. You are now ready to focus on the final steps of achieving a head-swell.

Kegeling and Jelqing to Get Head-Swells

Immediately after you get it on, one method that is most common is to use the kegel to force even more blood into the glans. Do this by simply kegeling once you have the extender on, but also use gravity to your advantage by making sure that your penis and the penis extender are pointing downward while you begin kegeling.

This generally works well, but I have found that there is a portion of times that kegeling will not effectively produce a head swell. This is when I thought, “Why not try to manually use a jelqing motion to get more blood in the glans to better create a head-swell?”

So, I have found that even if I do not get the extender on with adequate blood in my glans at all, and if kegeling fails to force blood into my glans, by using my thumb and forefinger to do a quasi-jelq up the shaft with the extender on I can get a head-swell. You should also be very careful as to not touch the side bars while jelqing a head-swell or you could break your extender by squeezing the rods. Extenders are expensive! So take special care to only touch your penis shaft when attempting the “Jelqing a Head-Swell” maneuver.

Keeping a Head-Swell and Proper Tension

As it may be best for me to fasten it standing up, maintaining a head-swell is hard while standing for long periods of time. Some believe that lying down is best for keeping a head-swell. I have no problems maintaining a head well while sitting up, but standing for too long or walking around can surely cause a good head swell to diminish. Try not to move around too much once you have the extender securely on your penis with a good head-swell.

I do well also by checking frequently to see if I am losing the head-swell. If I am, I simply twist/screw-in my torsion screw bars so that they are back in their original (shortest) position, then without taking the extender off, I simply re-jelq my head-swell, and it generally works well. If not, you will just have to take off the penis extender and wait a while before trying to reapply it.
Also remember that it takes practice.

Proper use of a penis extender can be much like learning to play the guitar, or use a tool well. It takes some time to get accustomed to wearing your penis extender flawlessly every time. And even then, just when you think you have it figured out, we all have a problematic session every now and again. Just don’t get discouraged and stick with it!

To quote the movie , “Learn it, know it, live it,”.

-Brad Hamilton from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”

Getting a head-swell should become your new mantra from now on when putting on your extender and this includes the aforementioned knowledge explaining how to get a head-swell as well.

Calixto, who has a Master’s degree in Linguistics, was picking up Spanish on Mexico’s nude beaches when he found himself learning another lesson about his penis enlargement goals.  In his words, “I WANTED IT TO BE BIGGER!”  He also wanted a restored foreskin.  Since 2006, he has spent his time in pursuit of his goals, wearing penis devices as well as learning everything possible on the subject of penis enhancement.  Calixto “enjoys everything regarding PE,” and credits the PEGym with shaping his vision.


  1. Thank you for the article. I feel like one of the lucky ones that have the time to spend hours looking threw these articles and finding the exercises that work for me.
    But I do have a question:
    1 Beside PI is there any reason not to hang and extend? I like to do my 3 sets of hanging then extend until fatigue, usually and hour or so.
    2 In many hanging articles they say to force the blood out of the grands but in this article you speak of the benefits of the blood and swell. What the difference of hanging and extending with head swell?

    Thanks Calixto, I’ve read everyone of your articles and plan on reading many times over

  2. I had heard about the head swell and various explanations, but this one is by far the best. I now understand the benefits of a head swell as well as how to create it and use it to my advantage while wearing a penis extender. Thanks for another great article on penis extenders.

  3. the head swell technique is amazing! usually before my penis often glipped out of its nose, but when my head is swell it never does. thanks again calix!

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