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male enhancement coach big al penis enlargement male enhancement penis measuring challengesBig Al, of, answers questions about penis measuring challenges, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I’ve recently become obsessed with measuring and comparing my penis to others’

…and to objects like bananas and deodorant cans. It’s become a growing dread and I’m finding myself unable to easily get erections to measure anymore. Is there something wrong with me?

Big Al: This habit is a potentially destructive one you’re going to need to break yourself of! For one, your penis is very likely not going to change in true size from one instance to the next, so measuring several times a day isn’t an accurate way to gauge progress. Second, the obsession in and of itself is obviously creating a negative conditioning effect. This will merely worsen with time if you continue with this practice.

The immediate solution would be for you to restrict yourself to measuring once every two weeks- if you’re training. Measure only under at least a neutral mind state so as to avoid any negative conditioning effects and to ensure you get the best possible erection level for your assessment. This may require the use of emotional visualizations exercises- like those recommended for the Stop and Starts/edging exercise.

Q. I’ve been keeping track of my measurements using the Bathmate penis pump.

…When I compare them to measuring with a tape measure I get a totally different reading. I measure smaller in the pump than I do with the tape measure. Which way to measure should I use?

Big Al: Erectile fluctuation and the use of a comfort pad is likely going to give you a different reading than what you’d get during a standard measuring session using a tape measure. For the purposes of tracking gains, go with the tape measure option.

The Bathmate measure isn’t worthless, though- it can be used as a gauge for how intensely your pumping sessions are going. You’ll want to do your best to ensure your measure within the pump climbs as your training progresses.