Penis Size Perspective: Guest Post by ArtisticAnarchist

penis size perspective

This guest post is courtesy of ArtisticAnarchist. He discusses penis size perspective and how it’s common for penis size to be skewed – both thanks to the porn industry and common misconceptions. Thanks, AA, for this awesome content! 

Penis Size Perspective

You just heard a porn star rant and rave about so-and-so’s 12 inch penis.

Your date/significant other remarked that a previous partner had a 11 inch penis.

A friend or someone online said that he has a 10 inch penis.

Is it any wonder that you’re feeling a little bit self-conscious about your own penis? Fortunately for your self-esteem, all of those reported measurements are wrong, and this article will explain to you how and why these misconceptions regarding penis size exist.

penis size perspective

The Porn Star Embellishment & Penis Size Perspective

Porn is built on the foundation of fantasy, as such anything that can be embellished, will be embellished. The women who are having eardrum-busting orgasms are by and large: acting. People often forget after the pizza delivery boy has sex with the lonely wife as payment for the two large cheese pizzas that the two people in the scene are still acting, often because the unsimulated sex isn’t something you see at your local movie theater and on its own does a good job of suspending disbelief.

However, most of the time the woman isn’t experiencing anywhere near the pleasure she’s pretending to, and the man wouldn’t last nearly as long if it weren’t for all the breaks in between the scenes and if he wasn’t injecting liquid viagra directly into his penis. None of you would presume to believe that Iron Man is real, so why wouldn’t you use that same rationale regarding porn?

How is this relevant to the main topic? It’s in the porn industry’s best interest to enhance penis size, because it contributes to fulfilling the fantasy of the audience, which as I mentioned is the foundation of the porn industry.

3 Ways the Porn Industry Skews Penis Size Perception

The three most popular ways the porn industry enhances penis size is as follows:

  • Perspective Distortion: the warping or transformation of an object and its surrounding area that differs significantly from what the object would look like with a normal focal length, due to the relative scale of nearby and distant features.
  • The male actor is below average in height, which can make their penis appear larger than it is.
  • The female actor is petite in order to further enhance the size of the male actor.

All three of the parties involved (industry, male, female) will outright lie about the male actor’s penis size because a large penis in an adult film is tantamount to marketing ammunition. And if a male actor is getting paid to promote a product that allegedly increases penis size, it’s in that male actor’s financial interest to lie about his size.

The Penis Size Perspective Reality in Porn

In reality: the majority of penis lengths in the industry range between 6.5-7.5 inches bpel, with a very small minority being 8.0-8.5 inches bpel. They’re all above average, which shouldn’t be surprising given their profession, but their penises are nowhere near the size that’s claimed.

Your Date/Significant Other’s Misinformation & Penis Size Perspective

While intentional exaggeration of past partners in order to hurt your self-esteem does occur in relationships, the optimist in me would like to think that these incidents represent a minority of the cases of how your date or significant other could be spreading false information regarding penis size.

The most likely culprit is that they received false information and simply didn’t know any better:

  • Your date/significant other could have watched porn and developed a skewed sense of size.
  • Your date/significant other’s previous partner could have lied to them about their size because of: A) Porn, B) Overcompensating.
  • Your date/significant other underestimated what an inch really looks like and overestimated how large a penis can appear.

penis size perspective misjudge how big an inch is

Friend/Someone Online & Penis Size Perspective

They, like you, probably believe the mythos that 12 inch penises are commonplace and are factually the only sized penis capable of pleasing a woman. Their insecurities make them exaggerate about their size, so don’t believe them.

Bringing Reality to Penis Size Perspective

Here’s a dose of reality to get some real penis size perspective:

Median Length: 5.65-5.87 inches bpel

% of men under a given length (in a population)

  • 48.3% below 5.75
  • 72.2% below 6.00
  • 81.5% below 6.25
  • 88.2% below 6.50
  • 92.6% below 6.75
  • 95.5% below 7.00
  • 96.5% below 7.25
  • 97.5% below 7.50

Median Girth: 4.67-4.97 inches eg

% of men under a particular girth size (in a population)

  • 34.4% under 4.50
  • 46.1% under 4.75
  • 70.2% under 5.00
  • 80.1% under 5.25
  • 91.7% under 5.50
  • 94.6% under 5.75
  • 98.5% under 6.00

Top 3 – Best Selling Dildos on Amazon (by insertable length):

  • Best Selling – 5.2 inches
  • 2nd Best Selling – 6.3 inches
  • 3rd Best Selling – 5.3 inches

Hopefully this article has helped you realize that penises aren’t as big as you thought they were, penises don’t need to be as big as you thought in order to please your significant other, and it’s my hope that you’ll keep both of these thoughts in mind when you begin your PE journey.

Good luck and most importantly, be safe!