Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Right for You? The Benefits & Dangers

penis enlargement surgery penis surgery articleMany men are unhappy with the length of their penis. This affects not only their self-confidence in the bedroom, but also their self-confidence in other areas of their lives. With our penises being a direct representation of our “manliness,” it’s not surprising most of us would like at least a little more – sometimes a lot more. The good news is you can change what nature has given you. One of the most drastic methods of penis enlargement is surgery.

Scroll down to learn more about penis enlargement surgery. How does penis enlargement surgery work? What do you need to know before choosing surgery? What are the different types of surgery? And, much more!

Written by Kimberly Wylie

How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Penis Surgery for Increased Length:

To understand how penis enlargement surgery penis surgery anatomyworks, first, we need to know a little bit about the penis. Your penis is actually a lot longer than you think it is. In fact, nearly one-half of it is located inside your body. The suspensory ligament attaches the inner penis to the pubic bone.

In penis enlargement surgery intended to increase length, a horizontal incision is made in the pubic region. The suspensory ligament is then cut at the pubic bone, which allows the inner penis to advance forward, resulting in a longer penis. No incision is made on the penis itself. This is similar to cutting the sublingual frenulum, the mucus membrane connecting tongue to the roof and floor of your mouth. Severing the sublingual frenulum allows a greater portion of your tongue to extend out of your mouth, a la Gene Simmons.

Complementary procedures to this surgery include pubic liposuction and correction of a peno-scrotal web, if needed. There is a fat pad located in the pubic area, which, in overweight men, can hide some of your usable penis. Removing the fat from this fat pad exposes more of the penis. Put simply, the more of you lose from your spare tire, the larger your penis appears. Correcting a peno-scrotal web deformity can also help increase the penis length. In most cases, a penis extender is used after surgery, to maximize your results.

Penis Surgery for Increased Girth:

penis girth surgery anatomyPenis surgery for increased girth (or width) is most often performed in two ways, either through dermal-matrix grafts or dermal fat grafts. Dermal-matrix grafts use the same horizontal pubic incision as the lengthening surgery. The material is human allograft skin, which has been processed removing the dermal and epidermal cells but keeping the extracellular matrix of the dermis. The sheets of matrix are inserted beneath the skin, and wrapped around the penis shaft. Dermal fat grafts are inserted in the same area, under the skin, along the shaft. However, the material used is fat cells from a donor site, often the abdomen region, and the material is injected, as opposed to inserted in the sheet form of matrix. This ultimately amounts to a beneficial relocation of your fat cells.

Penis Surgery for Glanular Enhancement:

Glanular enhancement, as the name implies, is penis surgery for the glans. It is typically conducted in association with penis enlargement surgery, to maintain penile symmetry. This is most often conducted using hyaluronic acid gel, injected throughout the entire glans of the penis, using a 30-gauge needle. If you’re already nervous about needles, this may not be the option for you.

Is Penis Surgery Right for Me?

Penis enlargement surgery is the most invasive method of penis enlargement. As such, there are things you need to consider to make sure surgery is the right option for you. Here are some statistics and facts to consider:

  • The average flaccid length gain from penis penis surgery before aftersurgery is between 1/2 inch to 2 inches, when combined with the use of a penis extender following surgery. Usually, the larger your penis is to begin with, the better the results, since men with larger penises have more inner penis to come forward.
  • The average erect length gain is slightly less than that of the flaccid gain.
  • Dermal-matrix grafts typically take 4 to 6 weeks to adhere to the penis shaft and result in a 25 to 35% increase in girth.
  • Glanular enhancement can result in a 20% increase in circumference.
  • Glanular enhancement lasts up to 2 years.
  • The surgery is conducted either under general or local anesthetic and takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete, depending on what procedures are being performed.
  • You will need to rest and recover from the operation for about 1 week.
  • You will need to avoid exercise and sexual activity for 4 to 6 weeks following surgery.
  • Normal side effects include: pain and discomfort for several days, and swelling, numbness and bruising for a few weeks.
  • Potential complications include: bleeding, infection, nerve damage, and a ‘lop-sided’ appearance to the penis after the operation.
  • Approximately 50% of patients experience some form of complication to penis surgery.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

As with all major decisions in life, it’s important to consider the pros and cons associated with penis enlargement surgery before you make your final decision whether or not to go under the knife.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement Surgery:

  • The results for both lengthening and widening penis surgery are immediately noticeable. Although maximum results for lengthening surgery are obtained through the use of a penis extender following surgery, there is no need for a lengthy commitment to an exercise routine to realize results.
  • In most cases, penis surgery can be conducted penis surgery outpatientas outpatient surgery – no need for a hospital stay.
  • A larger penis can help improve a man’s self-esteem, both in and out of the bedroom.
  • The results of penis lengthening surgery are permanent.
  • Dermal fat graphs can use fatty tissue from areas of your body where you wish to reduce the fat.
  • The horizontal incision made for lengthening and dermal-matrix grafts is hidden when pubic hair regrows.

Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Surgery:

  • There is typically loss of erection angle, when the suspensory ligament is cut. This may result in needing to hand guide the penis for intercourse.
  • There are numerous, potential side effects topenis surgery keloid scar penis lengthening surgery, including: a keloid scar at the incision site, incision separation, incision infection, bruising, bleeding, swelling of the penis, reduction in penis sensation, shortening of the penis, and erectile dysfunction.
  • “Scrotalization” of the penis may occur, where the penis appears to come from the scrotum instead of the wall of the abdomen.
  • “Dog ears” may occur at each end of the incision, resulting in a more noticeable scar.
  • If the blood supply to the now longer penis is inadequate, skin sloughing can occur and result in an ulcerated area.
  • Up to 30% of the fat injected in the dermal fat graft may be reabsorbed by the body.
  • Partial, uneven reabsorption of the fat may result in nodule formation, with irregular, fatty lumps.
  • Dermal fat grafts can feel “spongy” and not natural.
  • Penis enlargement surgery can be very expensive, up to $10,000, and as it’s an elective cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by most insurance plans.

How Do I Select a Reputable Surgeon?

If you decide penis enlarpenis surgery surgeongement surgery is the right enlargement path for you, selecting a surgeon carefully is very important. You will be putting the health of your penis in their hands, literally. Following are eight tips to help you choose the penis surgeon that’s best for you.

  1. Board certification – Make sure your surgeon is board certified. Since penis surgery is plastic surgery, you’ll want one who has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can check the certification at the American Board of Medical Specialties website.
  1. Malpractice – Contact your state licensing board and see if the surgeon your considering has any malpractice judgments or disciplinary actions against them.
  1. Hospital privileges – Ask your surgeon where the doctor has hospital privileges, even if your penis surgery is going to be conducted in an outpatient clinic. Check with the hospital to ensure he does have those privileges. Hospitals will do background checks on surgeons before granting privileges. If they don’t have hospital privileges anywhere, find another surgeon.
  1. Number of surgeries – How many penis surgeries has the surgeon performed? Do they specialize in penis enlargement surgery, or is this just one of many different types of surgeries they perform?
  1. How long they’ve done surgeries – Find out how long they’ve not only done penis enlargement surgeries, in general, but the specific procedures you’re interested in. For example, if your surgeon has just begun to work with the dermal-matrix graft, and this is the method you’re interested in, then perhaps you should go with someone else with more experience in that procedure.
  1. Recommendations – Ask to speak with previous patients who’ve had penis enlargement surgery from the surgeon. Ask them about any complications they had and how they were handled by the surgeon and his staff.
  1. Education and training – Find out where the surgeon was trained for the specific procedure(s) you’re interested in. Ask what continuing medical education they’ve received in regards to this procedure.
  1. Before and after photos – Review before and after photos of men who’ve had penis enlargement surgery, with this particular surgeon. If at all possible, talk to other men who have used this doctor.

What Are the Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Surgery?

There are numerous alternatives to penis enlargement surgery. If you’re hesitant to go under the knife, perhaps trying some of these less invasive methods first is a good place to start.

  • Penis exercises – Penis exercises are a natural method of penis enlargement. Jelqs, stretches, Kegels, and more have all been used by thousands of men to get a longer and thicker penis. Like any exercise routine, they do require time and dedication, but, in the end, the result is a larger and healthier penis.
  • Penis enlargement equipment – There are
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    numerous devices designed specifically to help you get a larger penis. Penis pumps, like the popular Bathmate,  or extenders like the Phallosan Forte, are excellent for both gaining girth and length. Penis extenders are actually used after surgery, and have been shown in studies to provide better enlargement results than surgery alone, without the drawbacks of surgery. Hangers and weights also use the same principle of stretching and are popular enlargement devices.

  • Penis pills – There are a number of supplements on the market that will help you get a larger penis without surgery. These improve the blood flow to the penis, and, when used in conjunction with exercises and/or devices, can be very effective.
  • No enlargement at all – Yes, the final alternative is to not pursue enlargement at all. Instead, work on improving your sexual technique. Most women would rather have a skilled lover of any size, than one who is large but untalented. Even men with true size deficiencies can learn to become better at sex. Male enhancement – focusing on a harder erection, more stamina, more intense orgasms, multiple male orgasms, etc. – can be better than a larger penis.


Penis surgery is an option to consider, as a last resort. Although the results from penis surgery are immediate, the risks associated with the procedure are significant. Additionally, other factors, including: the long recovery time and loss of erection angle, outweigh the benefits of the surgery, for most men. Instead, explore non-surgical options, such as penis exercises and enlargement devices, and work on becoming a more skilled lover with what nature has given you, before you turn to such a drastic option as surgery.

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