Penis Survey Results

men of different ages

The first penis survey was our first step in building data on penis enlargement, enhancement and exercise. Over a three month period, 957 men took the survey. Here’s the results.

penis enlargement survey men of different ages

Out of the 957 men who participated, only 545 men finished the entire penis survey, and only these men were used in the analysis.

Before you take every conclusion below as facts written in stone, keep in mind that this is a survey and there is bound to be some statistical error – and maybe several errors.Future surveys and experiments need to be conducted before anything is proven. In that regard, we’re already working on a second survey.

To maximize your gains, you should take each point with an open-mind and apply it to your specific case.

Beneath each point there is a link to the point’s detailed analysis. Links to the detailed analyses are also located on the left toolbar. Within each detailed analysis, there is more information, answers, and graphs.

1 – The average penis size increase

For the men who had exercised their penis for at least three months, the average gain was 1 inch in length and a half an inch in girth (1″ X .51″). Translating these numbers into penis volume, these men, on average, increased their penis size by 42 percent — nearly half a size bigger than what they started with! See the detailed analysis – Average Penis Size Increase.

2 – Does it work?

Out of the 545 men who performed penis exercises at least once, only 7 men (a little less than one percent) believed penis enlargment did not work. See the detailed analysis – Average Penis Size Increase.

3 – Masturbation & penis size gains

On average, the men who masturbated less gained more. This is evident when comparing the people who masturbated once a month or less (average volumetric gain of 6.22 cubic inches) to the people who masturbated a few times a month or more (average volumetric gain of 3.87 cubic inches).

In another comparison, the men who masturbated once a week or less gained 5.16 cubic inches, and the men who masturbated a few times a week or more gained 3.65 cubic inches.
See the detailed analysis – masturbation penis size.

4 – Ejaculation and penis size gains

The results from Question 19 took the masturbation effect one step further, and showed no correlation between masturbation and gains among the men, but did show a correlation between less ejaculation and increased gains.
The group that ejaculated within an hour after penile workout increased their penis size a third less than
the groups that did not. Meaning, the data suggests that masturbating and withholding ejaculation presumably does not hurt gains. However, masturbating and ejaculating immediately after a workout might. *See the detailed analysis – ejaculation penis size.

5 – Penis health: stronger & harder erections

The majority of the men experienced stronger and harder erections due to penile exercising, while 4 percent experienced weaker erections. See the detailed analysis – Penis Curve, Erection Level and More.

6 – Penis exercising & discoloration

Roughly 60 percent of the men experienced some sort of discoloration after they started penile exercising. Most of these men reported having a darker penis (46 percent over all). See the detailed analysis – penis discoloration.

7 – Warming up & discoloration

The men who used a warm up did not experience any less darkening, on average, than the men who did not. Both groups had roughly 45.5 percent of the men experiencing a darker penis. *See the detailed analysis – penis discoloration.

8 – Penis enlargment gains overtime

On average, the more time a man spent exercising his penis (in months, years, etc), the more penis enlargement gains he experienced.

*Before you spend more time on a PE session, see the detailed analysis – Time spent on penis workout.

9- More work = More results

The men who exercised their penis for a longer workout duration gained more. However, the men who worked out longer also had more time spent penile exercising overall (in months and years), on average. Important Note:
There are obvious conditions. If you are a beginner, do not jump into a workout that is more than your penis can handle. This will quickly lead to ‘Injury Lane.’ The goal, of course, is to gradually increase the length of time you spend on your workouts overtime.
*See the detailed analysis –

10 – Penis enlargement pills & gains

The few men who took the survey and used penis enlargement pills reported more gains than the men that did not. *Note: we do not recommend purchasing penis enlargement pills. Before you buy any pills, see the detailed analysis – penis enlargement pills.

11 – Angle of erection & penis exercising

The majority of the men did not experience or notice any change in their erection level after they started penile exercising. Meaning, on average, if a man had a penis that pointed straight out before penile exercising, then it still pointed straight out after he started exercising his penis.
See the detailed analysis – Penis Curve, Erection Level and More.

12 – Curves due to penis exercising

Less than 10 percent of the men reported a penis curve that was not their prior to penile exercising. See the detailed analysis – Penis Curve, Erection Level and More.

13 – Did a warm-up help with penis enlargement gains?

The men who used a warm-up prior to a penis workout did not gain more
than the men who didn’t use a warm-up. *See the detailed analysis – penis heat.

This is the second installment of the Penis Enlargement Survey.

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  1. So I just joined this right and Iv read a lit of these survey articles. I have noticed they lack an important but of data. What about the ages of participants and their corresponding testosterone levels. I’m not an expert but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say those two bits of info are huge contributing factors to any mans potential gains.

    • My own extensive, personal experience says…
      1. Age does NOT Matter, if
      2. Testosterone is not too low, and
      3. You can still benefit from T-Boosters, or
      4. You use a Blakoe Ring or Ball Zinger.

      I’m 54 and still rocking the PE, I take a Walmart sourced T Enhancer right now.

  2. Hi, just a quick question, and I suppose it’s a bit of a general one at that. For the average increase in size, is the girth measured as width or circumference? Bit of a rookie question, I know, but I figured it was worth asking if I was unsure.

    Also, come to think of it, when it says the average gain was such and such, is it just referring to the last three months before the survey, or was three months just the minimum to take the survey, with the gains being since they started exercising? Bit of an oddly worded question, but a little confused.

    Anyway, thanks.

    • Girth is always CIRCUFERENCE. Width is actually called DIAMETER. Diameter x PI = Circumference, for a perfect circle. I’m prolly like most men, my unit is kind of oval shaped, or wider than it is top to bottom. Too bad it’s not circular, cuz it is pretty wide 😉 I can place 2 US Quarters on the mid shaft and see skin on both sides.