Andropenis Extender by Andromedical

Andropenis Extender by Andromedical

The Andropenis Gold is the original version of Andromedical’s best-selling penis enlargement device backed by more than 350,000 patients.

andropenis gold - Andropenis Extender by AndromedicalLearn More About Andropenis ExtenderAndropenis Extenders have been designed to help their customers in the enlargement of their penis. With the aim of improving results and safety of the treatment, Andromedical has designed the Andropenis device to allow their customers to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Rigorous testing, scientific studies, doctor and patient feedback are responsible for making Andromedical’s devices and treatments withstand the test of time, trusting the company for more than 17 years. All Andromedical’s penis enlargement devices include the Androcomfort band. The Androcomfort band spreads the pressure on the glans over a larger area, making the treatment easier for the patient and helps obtain faster results.

Andropenis Penis Enlargement Gold Package Includes:

  • Andropenis Penis Enlargement PackageExtender.
  • Andropenis Instructions Manual.
  • Wooden Case.
  • Guarantee Sheet.
  • Spare Parts Kit.
  • White Box for Discreet Shipping.
  • Instructional CD for computer use.
  • Medical Support.