This product is no longer available.

The AutoADS (Auto All Day Stretcher) is the most advanced All Day Penis Stretcher on the market featuring discreet design and comfortable silicone rods.

AutoADS all day penis stretcher for penis enlargementUse the AutoADS All Day Penis Stretcher Standing, Sitting, Laying Dow, or in Whatever Position You Prefer

The AutoADS is designed to be used standing, sitting, laying down, upside down or in whatever position you prefer. Unlike weight based ADS systems (where weight becomes useless in a sitting situation), the stretching force of the AutoADS is always present. Simply wrap the head unit, then wrap the strap around your leg and tie the string between.

All day stretching does not mean that you keep the unit on for 10 hours a day. Depending on the pulling pressure and/or your penis enlargement experience – you will need to take a break every so often.