AutoXleeve Penis Enlargement System

The AutoXleeve is a Unique and Revolutionary light force penis stretching system device. It is both a day penis stretching system and the ONLY all-night penis extender device.

AutoXleeve Penis enlargement systemLearn more about AutoXleeve Penis Enlargement SystemThe AutoXleeve Redefines Penis Stretchers

The AutoXleeve penis stretching system device will truly redefine what ADS devices are. Due to its design and comfort, a user of the AutoXleeve can leave the device on for longer than is possible with any other penis stretching devices.

Highlights of the AutoXleeve device:

  • It uses either compressive force only or both compressive/positive forces to stretch the penis.
  • This system is designed to be used at all times (or as much as possible) as a main penis enlargement device or as a supplemental ADS device for those following a higher force routine.
  • No learning curve – It takes only a few seconds to put it on and less than 1 second to take it off.
  • It can be worn under clothing and will be your most discreet device.
  • The sleep version will not interfere with your erection/circulation.
  • It has a confidence-building shape under the clothing. This system will add quite a bit of girth/length.