CTC Company Penis Pumps – DP-4000 Digital Maximizer

C.T.C. Digi-Pump 4000 Penis Enlargement System

This product is no longer available through PEGym.

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The C.T.C. Digi-Pump 4000 (DP-4000) Digital Maximizer interface is the most advanced penis enlargement system

C.T.C. Digi-Pump 4000 Penis Enlargement SystemLearn More About C.T.C. Digi-Pump 4000 Penis Enlargement SystemThe DP-4000 Puts You Into Control

The DP-4000 puts you in total control and is only limited by your imagination. It includes a laboratory grade software and an innovative scrolling screen graph, with hi-tech features that allows you to completely adjust the look and feel of the control software. The system was designed to be very simple to use, with its easy single screen layout. It gives you:

  • 10 step points,
  • 10 vacuum level settings,
  • A threshold adjustment to control pulse sensitivity,
  • An upper limit graph line to keep the vacuum always in a safe regulated scale, and
  • A lower limit graph line to regulate minimum vacuum level.

It is now possible to disconnect from the PC and take the stored program with you anywhere there is an AC power wall jack, or 12 volt power source. No need to be tied to your computer or a cable! One other cutting-edge feature is the large LCD display monitoring system information.


  1. As a health professional, I would like to give a preliminary review of the DP 4000. On ordering the DP 4000 I requested a pump sequence protocol. Upon trying the programmable protocol, there are two general patterns I observed: 1) variable pressure and time; 2) a gradual spiraling crescendo of increasing pulsating pressure resulting in a movement from lesser expansion to greater expansion of the tissues while not over stressing the penis. The relaxation/expansion resulting from this protocol after ample time resulted in expansion without the buildup of unsightly edema (e.g. Donut at foreskin). The relaxation/expansion scenario under pulsating pressure results in a more optimal tissue workout, and more optimal gains (again without fluid buildup). Edema or fluid buildup in the intracellular space is a negative force pushing against the expanding tissues, thus a major detriment to growth, the DP 4000 prevents this. I have used almost all PE equipment a few of which are most noteworthy and the DP 4000 falls into this group. The DP 4000 I believe is a PARADIGM shift in effective pumping resulting in a much more optimal, versatile tissue workout bringing this method of PE to a new level! As I continue to use this, further updates will be provided.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Richard R. Howard II
    The alchemy of PE.

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