ExtenderPlus Penis Extender


The ExtenderPlus Device:

  • ExtenderPlus has been developed by a medical doctor Jorn Ege Siana, (M.D., I.A.M.S.S., A.S.P.R.S.) a leading doctor in Plastic and General Surgery, who specializes in penis lengthening.
  • The ExtenderPlus is classified by the European Union Health Authorities as a Medical Device Type 1, and has the CE sign.
  • ExtenderPlus uses something no other enlargement device on the market has – consistent traction. This consistent traction is 100% adjustable to your comfort level which makes the device completely painless.
  • ExtenderPlus was one of the first traction devices ever developed for use in penis enlargement. It’s very simple design hides the years of development that went into it’s pressure creating tension rods that actually elongate the penis and grow girth by providing consitent outward force (not downward like weights).
  • Because of it’s light weight and compact design ExtenderPlus allows to literally stretch the penis underneath casual dress completely unnoticable to anyone.
  • The materials used for ExtenderPlus are of the highest grade medical metals and plastics – which is the only type suitable for dermal contact.

The ExtenderPlus Package Includes:

  • ExtenderPlus Device
  • Extender Plus Spare Parts.
  • Includes Online Website access.
  • Includes free shipment

The only recognized enlargement product to really produce results – quickly & safely. ExtenderPlus was developed first in Europe and underwent extensive modifications and testing – only now is it available in the United States (and at a much lower price then the hefty European price tag).

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