KR Extender

KR Penis Extender

The KR Extender is made to exacting specifications and contains only the highest quality materials. The tolerance level of the device is equal to or better than many “name brand” extenders.

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The KR Extender includes several enhanced comfort items, including a silicone noose (2), a foam comfort wrap and, most importantly, a silicone comfort wrap that is only available in the complete package.

The main difference between the KR Extender vs higher priced extender (such as Jes or Andro Extender) is what the rod is made of. The Jes and Andro rods are made out of stainless steel (or stainless steel plated with silver or gold). The KR Extender rods are made out of steel and plated in either silver or gold color. Unless you are using it while showering (which we don’t recommend for any extender), this should not affect its usability.

KR Extender package includes:

  • Base with spring loaded rods.
  • 2 solid silicone noose
  • 2 soft foam pads
  • 4 each of – 1cm, 2.5cm and 4cm (equal to about 9″ total when added to the base).
  • 2 Protector pads
  • Comes in a plain bubble wrap packaging
  • Upgradable to VacExtender
  • Warranty – KR products are warranted for life. If it breaks, and your dog didn’t do it, they’ll replace – just pay for shipping (Consumable such as silicone noose/foam pad or protector pad is not covered).

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