Redi-Stretcher Penis Enlargement Device

To our knowledge, this device is no longer available.

Redi-Stretcher is a unique device for effective penis enlargement and enhancement. It is a high-quality penis hanger that can also be used as a penis stretcher.

Redi-Stretcher Penis Enlargement Device

The Redi-Stretcher is Simple, Effective and Safe

The Redi-Stretcher is designed to be simple, effective and safe. The device can be used as either a penis stretcher or a penis hanger. The standard Redi-Stretcher with the cushioned sides can easily support 15 pounds. For even higher weights they offer hanger sides without the padding. However, a wrap of some kind such as Theraband will be needed.

Redi-Stretcher features :

  • Soft-sided hanger pads that require no wrapping, offering the user incredible convenience and time-saving.
  • No pinch points, minimizing the possibility of bruising or getting the penis skin caught.
  • Easy squeeze clamping mechanism for fast attachment.
  • Quick release lever for immediate removal.
  • Simplified adjustment and settings.
  • Rounded well housing for twist-free operation.
  • Two sizes available.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee or full refund minus shipping costs.